Home Entertainment Erick Zepeda moves away from pop with “No te vayas”

Erick Zepeda moves away from pop with “No te vayas”

Erick Zepeda moves away from pop with

“No te vayas”, the latest single from Erick Zepeda, fulfills the artist’s goal of engaging with the regional Mexican genre that he likes so much without neglecting the opportunity and desire to achieve various fusions through collaborations with singers from other genres explore.

Erick has released the single “No te vayas” and is happy to show the results of the process and the reception of the song.

The song was written by Júnior Cabral and América Jiménez, and the former is also the producer of the song. The singer suggested several songs, but he liked “Don’t go” more. He recorded it in a studio in Monterrey, where he let himself be carried away by the experience of the producer who has won several Grammys for songs for Intocable and Ricardo Arjona, and has been nominated several times and won several Latin Grammys.

The singer believes that Cabral’s experience is reflected in the single he released. The video recording of the motif was also a special moment for Erick, as the processed images differ from those in other videos.

Zepeda shares that the video was recorded in a studio in Guadalajara in a 10 a.m. to 5 a.m. session, and while it was tough, it was worth it, the singer says.

“No te vayas” marks the artist’s next album, and he is already preparing the second single of his new production.

Erick has always liked the regional genre, but his professional foray into music was in a pop group, which is why he made a “crossover” of Sinaloa music on his first album “Start Again” so as not to make such a drastic change and symphonic band, but in this new phase its goal is to fully sing regional Mexican music.

He is open to musical fusions, such as a collaboration with the rapper Santa Fe Klan.

He thinks that making music is much more flexible now and that mergers with different genres, as strange as they may seem, are becoming more common and well received by audiences.

One of his dreams is to be able to work with Alejandro Fernández and Pancho Barraza one day.

Erick Zepeda has been singing since childhood, but when he was 18 he started his professional career in a pop music group, where he experienced what a tour is, had presentations every day and then had to get up early, media interviews, communication.

In this way he recognized the surroundings and the associated sacrifices, but he did not give up because he wanted to devote himself to singing.

To learn more about the artist, he can be found on social networks such as Erick Zepeda Oficial.

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