Erica Buenfil said she attempted extortion by telephone

In one video, “Queen of Tickcock” assured that she collapsed and panicked, as the person who tried to expel her said very serious things she believed.

Mexico.- Érika Buenfil has a tremendous fear After the Got a terrible forcible call This led him to believe that the culprits were outside his house.

Known as “Queen of Tik Tok” Issued a call for help Through social networks, which Worried his followers And colleagues.

“It’s Sunday and I asked someone through Twitter to help me, I was discussing on the telephone at the time, They convinced me, Or they told me, who were they some people outside my house And, in short, many things that I will explain later, I was so scaredShe gave very specific details which made me believe it was possible, ”said the actress in a video.

For this statement he said that He and his son Nicholas are both fine.

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Already filed a complaint

In another clip, the actress revealed that after Extortion attempt She was supported by her friend Victor Khun, who came to her home to confirm that she was safe. He is also with her file a complaint What happened for

“At that time, I didn’t even want to show my face, Don’t know what to do, This never happened to me. And I request this for help, just to know that, My head is off And did not know who to turn to […]”, The interpreter concluded.

“As always, thanks for coming with me. Everything is fine now, thanks to the people who helped me, To which he immediately responded, but really thanks. I am at home, we are good, well looked after. I made myself presentable. Thank you all, ”she added to the clip along with her partner.

Actress Erika Buenfil selected to delete the tweet That he wrote at the time of the extortion attempt, although he only has Photography with your friend.

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