Home Entertainment Eric Rubin enjoys Tulum with an influencer (VIDEO)

Eric Rubin enjoys Tulum with an influencer (VIDEO)

Eric Rubin enjoys Tulum with an influencer (VIDEO)

Eric Rubin is again in controversy for his reckless eagerness and His fame as “Donjuan”, despite her long marriage – just over 20 years – together Andrea Lagaretta.

and that everything indicates that during Your recent trip to Tulum, in the last week; the musician took the time Enjoy not only the beach, but also the company, because he was caught dancing with two women.

Eric Rubin, alone and without Andrea Lagaretta

will appear as an influential person identified as one of the women “Poisonous Queen”. The young woman wears blue and is seen in a video dancing with the singer, who is in the middle of promoting the film. “soul”, in which he shared the dubbing credits with his wife and two daughters, Mia and Nia Rubin.

Over the weekend, Rubin shared photos from his stay at the beach, but in none of them he was seen with his family: “You don’t have to take life so seriously”, along with the image in which he is seen in a white shirt and black pants, as well as a crucifix, which appears to be The same outfit with which he was recorded at the party with both the ladies.

The incident went viral via Instagram profile “Chica Picosa 2”, where he did not hesitate to comment in which sorry host of “hoy” pass him various horn scandals“For Rubin’s sake, not to lose the image” “Perfect Family” Which has earned him many TV promotions.

However, other users insisted that it is “not a sin” for a man to dance with other women who are not his wife; Although in the images it seems that Rubin is not comfortable with the fact that he has been recorded.

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