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Eric del Castillo reacts to the death of Manuel Ojeda: “An extraordinary companion”

The death of Manuel Ojeda moved the acting guild in Mexico, as the 81-year-old actor worked in many productions, for which he was well known among his colleagues, for example Eric del Castillowho reacted sadly to the news in a meeting with several reporters.

The first thing the actor said after learning of his colleague’s death was: “An extraordinary partner, actor, good friend… All my colleagues are leaving and I’m still here sailing”.

Manuel Ojeda, the first Mexican actor, died at the age of 81

A great actor, decent, correct… It hurts a lot”, added the father of Kate del Castillo.

Later, Eric assured that “actors are very strange: we love each other when we are working, we love each other very much, but what we are doing ends and everyone goes home.”

“I’m really bad at anecdotes, but the anecdote I have about him is that he is a wonderful being. We worked on several things together and he was one of those actors who sits down with him and one grows because you have a good actor in front of you, he helps you interpret your character better. Of that type was Manuel Ojeda”, he added.

On whether Ojeda was demanding when working, Eric replied: “I never noticed that, I always noticed it very simple”.

Eric del Castillo plans to visit Andrés García

Also, Eric del Castillo said that plans to visit Andrés García, who is currently in poor health: “I haven’t spoken to him lately because I’ve been busy, but now that the telenovela is over I’m going to go see him, I already promised him, because I want to see him.”

“We were never friends, but now I really wanted to become friends with him and we have achieved it, I talk to him and he receives me very well. We started to make a little friendship in Perfume de gardenias, I went through his dressing room. Now we have become good friends, he gives me advice and I give him others, “he said about Garcia.

Finally, the first Mexican actor said that death “is going to come to all of us, the thing is to lead an honorable life, a decent life, setting good examples for children, living well, not stealing, not taking drugs, not being political.”


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