Home Entertainment Eric del Castillo insists on not getting vaccinated even though his daughter...

Eric del Castillo insists on not getting vaccinated even though his daughter has Covid-19

Eric del Castillo insiste en no vacunarse

The actor has not yet received a dose against the coronavirus, although Kate del Castillo has confirmed that she has Covid-19.

MEXICO CITY.- Eric del Castillo sticks to his decision don’t get vaccinated against Covid-19, although his daughter Kate of the Castle gave positive for Corona and could have infected him, because the actress had lived with her parents during the holidays.

But the actor doesn’t seem to be worried, as he assured in an interview with Ventaneando. you are very well and pointed out that although her daughter fell ill, he is not vaccinated as he does not trust the doses that have helped reduce world deaths.

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Eric del Castillo is not vaccinated

In the conversation he had Eric del Castillo The actor revealed this to the moderators of the entertainment show Kate of the Castle he didn’t want to tell them he’d done it infected with Covid-19 Well, he didn’t want to worry her, but the Ventaneando program told him so he called his daughter to find out about her health.

The actor, fortunately, commented on his daughter Kate of the Castle has been mild symptoms.

They sent me a WhatsApp and then nWe communicate with her. She tries to save us trouble and worry. He told us: ‘No, don’t worry dad Yes, I had a test done and it was positive, fortunately I have very minor problems,” the actor said in detail.

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Erick del Castillo reveals the only reason that would force him to get vaccinated

Eric del Castillo confirmed this in an interview with “Ventaneando” despite his daughter’s infection is not vaccinated although he has indicated that he is not against it as he considers that the moment they feel bad he could resort to the vaccine but he stresses that they do not intend to do so at the moment.

We are very good the way we areWe are not against anything, anyone doing what they see fit with their lives… If for any reason we feel bad then we will resort to it, there will be no problem,” explained Del Castillo.

However, the actor revealed that would be the case one reason to get vaccinated. Thus, Eric explained that he would only be vaccinated to be able to travel as it is a mandatory requirement they require to travel to other countries such as the United States where his daughter Kate lives.

“More and more places are asking for proof instead of proof and if we want to go to Los Angeles Good we have to do it sooner or later,” emphasized the actor.

It should be remembered that through social networks, Kate of the Castle confirmed that he had Covid-19, but unlike his father and the rest of his family, he was vaccinated therefore he had shown no major symptoms.

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