Eric and Maya’s album “Rais” is already on platforms

MEXICO CITY (EFE). – Eric and Maya Rubin, father and daughter, celebrate the arrival of their album “Raees” on the digital platform, a production in which they share their greatest passion, with the promise of being together on stage in the future.

“For me, it was incredible to share my love with music, many people tell me, it’s a gift. We have a very strong relationship, we had a lot of fun,” Eric recounts his experiences singing with his daughter Said about

The project was born in 2020, run by Erica’s wife and Maya’s mother, Andrea Legaretta, who suggested that they do something with their talent.

It was a live concert with father and daughter singing symbol songs by Eric, during his time with the group Timberich, his successes as a solo artist and unreleased songs from Mia’s career.

“My father has been a fan of me since I was little, I have grown up in the world of music and I feel that he has inherited my passion for it. Besides, it has always been for me, when I Wanted piano lessons, to compose together, this is a job for two ”, says Mia.

Several months apart, the recording from the event has reached the platform and although they hope to carry out the “Roots” tour in the long run, each will serve to promote their career as a single.

Eric says, “Maya releases the singles ‘Flecha’ and I Drone in a month and a half. The idea is to alternate projects as a single and an album.”

The 50-year-old singer began her career at Timbericht, a band that also took part in celebrities such as Thalia and Paulina Rubio.

Ten years later he began his career as a solo artist and is responsible for songs such as “Jab Tum Kisi Ke Dobhi Hai” released on his debut album.

For her part, at the age of 16, Mia has shown her talent on television as a singer and actress with films such as “Annie”, “El que Busca Loca” (2017) and the series “Sylvia Pinel”. … In front of you ”(2019).

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