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Erasmo Catarino explained why he refused to sing with Rubí in the final of La Academia

Erasmo Catarino exploded against the production of La Academia for not respecting his conditions to sing with Rubí in the final (Photos: Instagram/@erasmooficial @laacademiatv)

In the middle of the final concerts of The Academy 20 yearsit transpired that Ruby she had to rehearse alone and, furthermore, she did not have the company of Erasmus Catarino because the singer refused to attendas he accused the production of the program of not accepting his conditions.

After the morning of this Saturday, August 13, it began to circulate how Rubí had to rehearse alone the song that she would present this weekend, in the grand finale of The academywith the winner of the fourth generation of the program, the singer responded by giving his version of why decided not to attend the program and left the young potosina planted.

Through a broadcast he made on his social networks, Catarino mentioned that he He had proposed some topics that he knows to sing with Rubí, well don’t have time to rehearse, while the young woman did; however, the production would have given them a song last Thursday that he does not know. Therefore, by not practicing his presentation, he decided not to attend the final.

“They tell me on Thursday: ‘Well, it’s not going to be the song they’re bringing up for the duet.’ I tell them: ‘It can’t be if we don’t sing one of those two songs. I can’t go because I’m busy. I would immediately fly from wherever I was to be able to arrive on Saturday, exactly on time, to be able to know that Rubí has ​​already learned the subject’”

Rubí appeared alone on stage on August 13 and did not get the best critic, but her fans supported her on social networks (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)
Rubí appeared alone on stage on August 13 and did not get the best critic, but her fans supported her on social networks (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)

Erasmo assured that from the beginning he had told the production of The academy that he he was not going to attend if they did not choose one of the two songs he proposedbecause he would be risking “going wrong” since for any song it is necessary to rehearse.

“The production knew (…) I made it clear: if I don’t go with a topic that I know, I’m not going to show off I’m not going to go wrong, why? Because everyone has to rehearse, no matter how cool… you are, you have to rehearse and learn the theme well, it’s a track, it’s not live music, “she pointed out.

Rubí’s fans were upset on social networks because of this snub from Catarino with the young woman, since she had to prepare alone for several hours, knowing that she is one of the five finalists and that her future in the music industry will depend on these two days.

Likewise, Rubí had to do her last duet rehearsals accompanied by mennythe reality singing teacher.

“The successful Erasmo Catarino will not perform at the concert due to scheduling problems due to his successful world tour”, “So the King of Pop Erasmo Catarino will not sing the little manzanita?”, “Ay Erasmo Catarino, apart from being curious you become irresponsible”, were some of the comments against the former academic for not attending the final of this installment of the famous program.

Inside of the reality, Yahir only mentioned that Catarino’s absence was due to causes of force majeure.

It is precisely Rubí who was at the bottom of the standings among the other finalists, Andres, Cesia, Nelson, Mar, so you run the risk of staying one step away from fulfilling your dream. Even the fact that the most famous fifteen-year-old in the world passed the selected group of candidates for first place caused great controversy, as there was part of the public for and against.


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