enter Alejandro Fantino, Karina Mazzocco and Pollo Álvarez

This July 12 will be a Monday of shuffling and giving back on air television. Especially in two channels, América and El Trece, which will present changes of drivers and new programs.

A little less than three months after its premiere, Friday was the last broadcast of Mariana’s, the entertainment and current affairs magazine that Mariana Fabbiani led in the mornings of El Trece.

The program had started on April 12 and was seen from Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 13, with a panel made up of Christophe Krywonis, Federico Seeber, Martina Soto Pose, Florencia Arietto, Mercedes Ninci and Guillermo Capuya.

Mariana Fabbiani Is No Longer On The Air.

Mariana Fabbiani is no longer on the air.

Pollo Álvarez and Sandra Borghi are back

The Fabbiani cycle was raised due to the low rating measurements, who showed triumph at that time to Team flower, which goes at the same time on Telefe, with the conduction of Florencia Peña.

“There are cycles that last longer and others that last less, and this time it was like that. There are times that, no matter how much you put everything, things do not happen. And this time it was one of those. We have a few days left so until the end we will enjoy and do our best ”, Fabbiani wrote on his Instagram account on June 26 when announcing the end of the program.

Thus, starting this Monday 12 the grid of El Trece will return to the same scheme of the beginning of this year.

Pollo Álvarez And Sandra Borghi, Hosts Of &Quot;Nosotros A La Mañana&Quot;.

Pollo Álvarez and Sandra Borghi, hosts of “Nosotros a la Mañana”.

At 9.30 it will return to the air Us in the morning, conducted by Joaquín Pollo Álvarez and Sandra Borghi, with a renewed panel.

Meanwhile, Ángel de Brito and his little angels (Andrea Taboada, Yanina Latorre, Mariana Brey, Maite Peñoñori, Cinthia Fernández and Pía Shaw) recover their 11 o’clock schedule to do Lthe angels of the morning.

Fantino and Mazzocco

In America there were also movements, which began with the resignation of Fabián Doman from Intratables, after two years as the host of the program. The journalist will leave his profession to become director of Institutional Communication for the electricity company Edenor, which was acquired by two of the American shareholders, Daniel Vila and José Luis Manzano.

From this Monday 12 at 22, the replacement of Doman will be Alejandro Fantino, who until Friday was the driver of Fantino in the afternoon. “The door to go to prime time of Intractable”, Announced the former soccer reporter in his farewell, last Tuesday 6.

Fantino Will Be The New Host Of &Quot;Intratables&Quot;.

Fantino will be the new host of “Intratables”.

“Television hosts dream of the prime time. It is playing in the central court of Wimbledon, or racing Formula 1 in Monaco, or playing a soccer match in the Bombonera or the Maracana. Imagine if they tell you: ‘Prime time and Intratables’”He added to explain why he had accepted the change.

Instead of Fantino in the afternoon, from this Monday at 4:00 p.m. Karina Mazzocco will debut with a women’s magazine that will be called In the afternoon with Karina and it will run until 18.

She will be accompanied by a panel made up of the actress Florencia de la V, the model Sabrina Rojas, and the journalists Silvia Fernández Barrio and Débora D’Amato.

Karina Mazzocco

Karina mazzocco

“Every time they called me to replace Fantino I thought ‘Something has to happen’, and it happened. I am happy, it is something that I deeply desired, a tremendous personal challenge, “said Mazzocco, in dialogue with Lots of radio (FM 94.7, referring to the times he had already replaced the driver.

He added: “Fantino is irreplaceable, he has style and a lot of flying hours in the air. He is very cultured, he has many things, it’s okay to replace it with someone completely different”.