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Enrique Guzmán points out that the death of Frida Sofía’s sister is “karma” (video)

Enrique Guzmán habla de la muerte de la hermana de Frida Sofía

MEXICO CITY. — Just a few days in the past the demise of Natasha moctezuma, sister of Frida Sofía and daughter of Pablo Moctezuma and Beatriz Pasquel. Thus far the causes of her demise haven’t been launched, however it was identified that the younger lady suffered from issues with epilepsies and a illness within the lung.

Though Frida made a publication during which she would have “said goodbye” to her little sister. It’s his grandfather Enrique Guzmán, who “takes up” the topic, however his phrases have sparked controversy, as he identified that the demise of Natasha it will be the fault of “Karma” that has fallen on his granddaughter Frida Sofía.

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“It was because of Karma”

In an interview with varied media, the singer was questioned in regards to the shock demise of Natasha Moctezuma, sister of his granddaughter. On this unlucky occasion he commented that it was attributable to “Karma”, his controversial remark was debated in this system “De Primera Mano”.

“Karma is karma daughter”, had been the phrases with which Guzmán responded to the media in regards to the demise of the daughter of his ex-son.

The singer who was at a convention the place it was introduced the return of the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” and a last season of this present that will probably be on the billboard from October 1 to 10, he was in a very good temper and even mocking the difficult scenario he’s experiencing.

My granddaughter is supposed to ratify her accusation and she hasn’t, I don’t know why, I suppose she has no way of proving that I ever had some strange relationship with her, so as long as she doesn’t confirm I’m calm, nothing happens “, defined the interpreter of” La Plaga “

The singer too denied the observe during which it was ensured that he had supplied cash to Frida Sofía to cease their lawsuit, stating that every thing was an invention of the present program the place she was interviewed and that she won’t search to achieve an settlement together with her both.

“If she presents an accusation, she will have to prove it, but since there is no crime, she has no way of doing it – and Guzmán added – she is not part of the family, at least not for me,” stated Alejandra Guzmán’s father.