Enrique Guzman accuses Frida Sophia of this crime

The singer went to the prosecutor’s office to confirm his complaint against Alejandra Guzman’s daughter.

MEXICO.-The Controversy between Enrique Guzman and Frida Sophia has been made Legal Matters, Because the singer went to the Attorney General’s office in Mexico City (FGJCDMX) Confirm your complaint Against On his granddaughter, who accused him of sexual harassment.

Guzman goes to the authorities

“Wantonndo” cameras He apprehended Alejandra Guzman’s father upon arriving at the offices of the capital’s prosecutor’s office, but did not issue a statement when he passed.

However, the law firm representing Frieda Sophia’s grandfather confirmed that Enrique Filed a complaint Against Frida, Which he points to his possible involvement Serves with the presence of crimes in his crime.

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Freida Sophia still does not sue her grandfather

It was in the same broadcast Show schedule In which Patty Chapoy announced Protect the girl She continues to testify that supports the allegations leveled by Frieda after she revealed that her grandfather had improperly touched her at the age of five.

For this reason, so far No legal charge has been made Against the interpreter of “La Plaga”.

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