Home Entertainment Encanto’s soundtrack enters as number 1 on the Billboard chart

Encanto’s soundtrack enters as number 1 on the Billboard chart

Encanto's soundtrack enters as number 1 on the Billboard chart

The good news keeps coming for Charm, the latest animated film from Disney. After receiving the Golden Globe for Best Animated Film at dawn on Sunday, this Tuesday it became known that the soundtrack has entered number 1 on the Billboard chart, ahead of Adele.

Composed by the extremely talented Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco, the songs have been slowly climbing the charts since the film was released, but it wasn’t until the film hit the Disney + platform this Christmas that its success exploded. .

In this way, it becomes the first soundtrack, after two years, to reach number 1 on Billboard, after Frozen 2 will achieve it in 2019.

The Billboard Hot 100 ranks the most popular albums based on consumption of multiple metrics, including copies sold both physically and digitally, as well as listening in subscription services or advertising support.

The Song &Quot;No One Talks About Bruno&Quot; Has Also Crept Into The Fifth Place On The Billboard Hot 100. Photo Efe / Walt Disney Pictures

The song “No one talks about Bruno” has also crept into the fifth place on the Billboard Hot 100. Photo EFE / Walt Disney Pictures

Traditional rhythms and names with their own weight

Both musicians have composed the eight songs of the film -all in Spanish, but also with its version in English- with traditional and popular rhythms of Colombian culture like salsa, vallenato and cumbia.

The original songs are: The Madrigal family, A magical gift, Deep / weight, Bruno is not talked about, Inspiration, Two Little Caterpillars, played by Sebastián Yatra, Only you, Colombia Y My charm, that Carlos Vives sings.

As for individual success, the song Bruno is not talked about It has also crept into fifth place on the Billboard Hot 100, jumping 45 spots, in addition to being the most played single on Spotify and the one that causes the most furor on Tik Tok.

Members Of The Madrigal Family, During A Scene From The Animation Film &Quot;Encanto&Quot;.  Photo Efe / Walt Disney Pictures

Members of the Madrigal family, during a scene from the animation film “Encanto”. Photo EFE / Walt Disney Pictures

However, despite being the most loved by the public will not be nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Original Song, as Disney submitted to the shortlist instead Two Little Caterpillars, an acoustic ballad in Spanish performed by Sebastián Yatra.

In the group of the chosen

In this way, according to the official Billboard page, the soundtrack of the magical Madrigal family becomes the sixth animated film to be placed at number one on this list: The Lion King (1994), Pocahontas (nineteen ninety five), Curious George (2006), Frozen (2013), Frozen 2 (2019) and Charm (2022).

With the arrival of the soundtrack of Charm to the top of the chart, Lin-Manuel Miranda ratifies the laurels acquired with Hamilton, the musical record, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, a Grammy for best musical theater album, and of eleven categories of the Tony Awards, among them, as Best Musical, Best Original Soundtrack and Best Screenplay, after being nominated in 16.

Now, after a certain sensation of stumbling suffered with the palicle In the Heights (In the neighborhood), with which Miranda could not even approach the intensity that he achieved with his masterpiece, despite the excellence of his musical compositions, the author, director, actor, composer and singer once again exhibits all his capacities full, and makes us sing one more time.

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