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Empowerment and message for Pique

Colombian singer Shakira and Catalan soccer player Gerard Pique have been together since they announced their separation in the eye of the storm,

With the end of the season for FC Barcelona, ​​the club where Pique plays, there has been little news about the footballer. But Shakira continues to talk, and much more. Friday June 17 released his new single, Please don’t worryA collaboration with David Guetta and the Black Eyed Peas that quickly became a trend and is already more than 11 million views,

Song Please don’t worry it is Shakira has a very positive way of saying that everything will be alrightLife should be enjoyed in spite of the bad, because in the end everything will pass and everything will be fine again.

Happy time.  Shalira and Pick.  ap photo

Happy time. Shalira and Pick. ap photo

Dedicated to Pick?

Since the song’s release, Shakira’s followers started flooding social networks with comments If the issue would be a dedication to Gerard Pique, Which means that despite their separation, the Colombian singer will be fine.

It should be remembered that before their separation was announced, Shakira did the premiere of the song Congratulations!In collaboration with Raw AlejandroWhich according to his followers’ interpretation is a sign for the Barcelona footballer – ten years younger than him and who is accused of having started an affair with a young girl while married – is fine. Talks about ending the relationship on bad terms,

David Guetta, one of the composers of "Please don’t worry"with Shakira.

David Guetta, one of the composers of “Don’t You Worry” with Shakira.

It would not be unusual for a song to be dedicated to a footballer. On other occasions, more romantic and much more in love, Colombian has written songs for Pique, as well as for Before him, Antonio de la Rua ,january day,

A few verses from Don’t You Worry

But what does Shakira’s new song say? For a better understanding of what is happening, we reproduce some of the verses here Please don’t worrywhich can be translated as Don’t worry,

“Everything will be okay.

I feel so alive, I’m going to live my best life.

Do only what I like.

I was down and now I am up, I am getting wiser.

Then I realized that everything would be all right.”

artist statement

The Black Eyed Peas added a collaboration with Shakira and David Guetta.  photo ef

The Black Eyed Peas added a collaboration with Shakira and David Guetta. photo ef

After rumors of infidelity, Shakira confirms separation Gerard Pique, who must have betrayed him. He did so through a statement issued by his press agency on June 4.

“We are sorry to confirm that we are separating. For the well being of our children, who are our top priority, We demand respect for privacy, Thank you for your understanding,” the short but forceful letter says.

just a few days ago, The couple’s crisis was covered in the Spanish media And it quickly became world news.

“The singer has caught her with another and they are going to part ways”, was the first track published by the Catalan newspaper. news paper of catalonia, Then the media pointed out that Peak had left the house In which he lived with the Colombian singer and his children, Sasha and Milan Pique Mebarak.

The fame of the two made the subject all over the media covers and the names of the alleged boyfriends immediately surfaced. Previously it was said that it would be a young woman in her twenties who acted as a hostess in the programs, but then another version.



Amidst these rumours, an intern within Barcelona also came to the fore, as it was being said that pablo gavi’s motherA young Barcelona player and Pique’s partner, born in the club’s academy, would actually be the woman he would have cheated on Shakira with.

It was published by a Turkish journalist named Melih Esat Asil, information that was picked up by several European media, especially the Spanish.

“Shakira caught Gerard Pique having an affair with another woman. The woman turns out to be the mother of Barcelona youth star Pablo Gavi. Gavi is not aware of this incident. In the world where Shakira was betrayed, there is more to you. Anything happens to me!”


Don’t Trust On this News and Website Maybe it’s Fake

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