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Emma Roberts joins the cast of Spider-Man’s spin-off Madame Web with Dakota Johnson

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Emma Roberts, known for being the niece of Julia Roberts And also for being the actress of the saga American Horror Storyin addition to the series scream queen You a simple girl (incredible)is the new contracted name for madam webbNew spin-off of Spider-Man, produced by Sony Pictures.

The 31-year-old actress joins the cast of the lead Dakota Johnson ,The Dark Daughter, Fifty Shades of Gray) which also stars actresses like Sidney Sweeney (excitement), Celeste O’Connor (Ghostbusters: Beyond), Isabella Merced (father of the Bride) and Tahr Rahim (a prophet,

according to specific site time limitRoberts joined a project directed by SJ Clarkson (succession, protector) and he already has Matt Sazam and Burke Sharpless (morbius) in the script.

Emma Roberts at the Fashion Awards in London, 2019.  Photo EFE

Emma Roberts at the Fashion Awards in London, 2019. Photo EFE

At the moment, there are no details about the character played by Roberts, who has stood out in the cinema in such films. We Are the Millers, Nerve: A Game Without Rules, Wild Child You scream 4, This will be the first superhero production that Roberts will participate in.

history of comics

conspiracy of madam webb Remains a mystery to all the fans. In the comics, she is an old woman who suffers from “myasthenia gravis”, meaning that, despite enjoying supernatural powers of great magnitude, she suffers from blindness and paralysis in both eyes which makes her unable to use life support. , which has web size. Although he suffers from this serious illness, that hasn’t stopped him from using his abilities to help other superheroes like Spider-Man, who is a kind of reference to him.

Dakota Johnson, the heroine of the film based on the Madame Web comic.  IG Photo

Dakota Johnson, the heroine of the film based on the Madame Web comic. IG Photo

Therefore, it is an important character addition to the universe that Sony is creating with the film network, which in addition to films Spider Man There are spin-offs starring Tom Holland, which he shares with the Marvel Universe. poison (and its sequel) starring Tom Hardy; morbiusMore Movies, Starring Jared Leto Craven the HunterJoe will star Aaron Taylor-Johnson and will hit theaters in 2023.

female caste

One special thing is that almost all the names of the artists that have been announced so far are women, which shows that madam webb It will be a production involving a good number of female characters from Marvel Comics related to Spider-Man or Madame Web.

"Madame Webb" comic.  miracle font

“Madame Webb” comic. miracle font

Fans have their eyes set on Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, who could be played by both Roberts and Sweeney, or Silver Sable, the mercenary heroine. Sony had planned a spin-off with the two, which would make the film about Madame Webb the perfect introduction to the duo.

For now there is no more data and one can only wait for the next piece of information, as the movie madam webb It also has no fixed release date, although it is expected to reach commercial theaters in late 2023.


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