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‘Emily in Paris’ promotes Lucien Laviscount to series regular for season 3

'Emily in Paris' promotes Lucien Laviscount to series regular for season 3

Production begins this summer on the new season of the Netflix comedy.

Emily in Paris Season 3 is ready.

The Netflix comedy will officially begin production on the new season this summer, series creator Darren Star announced during Palefest on Sunday evening.

Additionally, Lucian Laviscount, who joined the series as Alfie in Season 2, has been promoted to series regular.

In the second season, the Leviscount’s Elfie – a London native – meets in French class and their friendship turns into a romantic relationship. As of the finale, the future of Alfie and Emily’s romance has been left up in the air. With the promotion for Laviscount, bet on an even bigger appearance for the character in the coming seasons.

The most recent season saw Emily (Lily Collins) navigating life in Paris but still grappling with the peculiarities of French life. After being caught in a love triangle with her neighbor (Lucas Bravo) and her first real French friend (Camille Razat), Emily is determined to focus on her work – which is getting more complicated by the day. In the French class, she meets a fellow expatriate (Laviscount), who both infuriate and intrigue her.

After the Season 2 finale, Star spoke to ET about where she saw Emily going in the future.

“I really love how Amelie becomes more assimilated into French culture and I love watching the growth and transformation of the person who has made Paris their home and how it changes them. Which we didn’t really Have seen – except Madeline, we get it, in December with the idea of ​​bringing up Emily’s parents, he said, “A little bit – Emily is in regards to the people that she’s left behind and has been a long-term one. How does being a migrant change his relationship with his home?

“I think this time Paris has changed all her perceptions of who she is and what her life is about, so she has a lot of options open,” he added. “I think she’s at a point where she can take a bigger risk.”

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