Emily Blunt says she has no regrets for saying no to being Black Widow

now what Scarlett Johansson kicked the board and Sue Disney for which he believed was not fulfilling the contract for him Kali Mai (They allege that the film was released simultaneously in theaters on the Disney+ streaming platform, and it was not in their arrangement, so they lost the profit as a percentage of the box office in theaters), remember that Emily Blunt It could be that Natasha Romanoff gets cold.

I interviewed London’s Blunt (38) at the premiere of Jungle Cruise, which is available on Disney+ starting this Friday at an additional cost, and will be shown in theaters starting Thursday.

In addition to being a great actress, Emily Blunt was the girlfriend of Luisana Lopilato’s current husband, Michael Buble. In 2005, the singer and Blunt met at an event in Australia. Soon after, they started dating. However, things did not work out and in July 2008, after three years of dating, Emily Blunt and Michael Bublé separated.

Emily Blunt And Michael Bublé Lived Together In The House The Actress Bought In Vancouver.  Photo Clarin Archive

Emily Blunt and Michael Bublé lived together in the house the actress bought in Vancouver. photo clarin archive

Apparently, the reason was that Bubble was unfaithful to model Tiffany Bromley, who admitted to taking nude photos of the singer, photos that later went viral.

Blunt, who has starred in Disney ever since he starred in The Return of Mary PoppinsFor example, she was originally cast to play Natasha Romanoff / Back Widow iron Man 2 (2010). But by then he was out of the project.

Emily Blunt As Mary Poppins In The Disney Musical, The Sequel To The 1964 Film.  Photo Disney

Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins in the Disney musical, the sequel to the 1964 film. photo disney

Why Wasn’t Black Widow

It wasn’t a contract issue, but was due to a filming date conflict with another film I had: Gulliver’s Travels, with Jack Black.

What are visionaries…

He was also in a Zoom interview with Blunt dwayne johnson, his partner in the film which is based on Ride, Disney theme park attractions, such as Frank, boat captain Joe Blunt’s doctor of botany escorted up through the Amazon, and Joe in search of a mythical tree whose petals have healing powers.

Catalan Jaime Colette-Serra, With Dwayne Johnson And Director Of &Quot;Jungle Cruise&Quot;.  Disney Photo

Catalan Jaime Colette-Serra, with Dwayne Johnson and director of “Jungle Cruise”. Disney Photo

And, not knowing anything about what would happen, two weeks ago I asked Blunt…

-Emily, do you regret being refused to play Black Widow in “Iron Man 2”?

-Dwayne: We’ve talked about it.

The Interview With Blunt Was In Conjunction With Dwayne Johnson.  Disney Photo

The interview with Blunt was in conjunction with Dwayne Johnson. Disney Photo

-Emily: No, no, no, none. I think Scarlett (Johansson) has been absolutely fantastic. And it was for a few different reasons that I didn’t do it (work on the film), and I couldn’t do it. But no, I think Scarlett is amazing. I love her as an actress, I love her as a person, and I know that… I have always believed that what is mine is mine, and whoever is someone else is someone else. is of And she (Black Widow’s role) was always intended to be someone else’s.

-Dwayne: I always thought Emily would be a great invisible woman.

-Emily: Yes…

-Dwayne: as a sequel to invisible man. Stop invisible WomanBut not where Elisabeth Moss is playing the role, but where she is virtually invisible.

Emily Blunt, Opposite Cillian Murphy (&Quot;Peaky Blinders&Quot;) In &Quot;A Quiet Place Part 2&Quot;.  Photo Uip

Emily Blunt, opposite Cillian Murphy (“Peaky Blinders”) in “A Quiet Place Part 2”. Photo UIP

All is very funny, but it is known that Dwayne Johnson overcharged Blunt, and now it has been rumored that Emma Stone is evaluating whether she also starts a lawsuit for the same reason as Scarlett Johansson, but For this Cruella, he won’t be blunt, whose hero a place in silence part 2, currently on the bill, follow in the footsteps of whoever played their part Kali Mai.