Home Entertainment Emilio Osorio reveals his lucky charm in “Who is the mask? 2021”

Emilio Osorio reveals his lucky charm in “Who is the mask? 2021”

Emilio Osorio en Quién es la máscara

Niurka’s son thanks and takes stock of the program

for Emilio Osorio, the face hidden under the disguise of Roe in “Who is the mask?”; to have taken third place in reality it is something that makes him happy and grateful.

“The truth is, I am happy and grateful to the public. Even if I am I am very calm and seeing it on the screen like you are causing me a lot of emotions (…) Participating in the program was a very pleasant experience and I am very happy and very grateful, ”Emilio said in an interview with Yucatan Newspaper.

the Son of Niurka Marcos and Juan Osorio remember that the first place of Kalimba is “well deserved” like second place Gala Montes. “I just snuck into third place”says the young singer, who admits he thought he was the season’s first dropout.

“I had seen the personalities that came out in the last few seasons and imagined the personalities that would come out (…) but i think part of the game of who is the mask? don’t think about it and let yourself be guided by fun and give 100% of yourself ”.

With that in mind, he admits that finishing third was a bit of a surprise.

“As soon as they told me I was in the semi-finals, I went crazy and said: “What? What are you talking about, how will I be in the semifinals, what’s going on?”“.

Emilio Osorio was ready to cry

the also a friend of Karol Sevilla He even admits that he had a handkerchief inside his suit in case he was eliminated, and he couldn’t resist crying, but luckily – he remembers – he didn’t have to use it. Maybe it was a Lucky charm, he thinks, and that’s why he was happy to be in the semi-finals.

Emilio, famous for his participation in the soap opera “My Husband Has a Family”, believes that his character La Hueva won the audience’s affection from the start, “both because of his face and because of his name”.

I believe that the roe is a part of all of Mexico, but also when the perSonage was made, it was created with the impulse to create a super empathetic character that be loving, like a naughty child and have a lot of innocence. I believe that at some point I fell in love with people who were also an important part of the process. “

And although it was possible to love the character, also admits that it was a great challenge for that he has even lost seven kilos, since he sweated a lot under the disguise, but that didn’t stop him from enjoying this commitment as a child.

Alan (Estrada, passenger) was teased and touched his buttocks like crazyI enjoyed everything I did and I wouldn’t change anything. “

Your greatest learning, take on the challenge

Emilio also comments that his passage in “Who is the mask?” It taught him to be grateful to people and to himself.

“Maybe some people see it as very self-centered, but you have to see it from the side of love and hugging. The game taught me to thank myself for not cracking, for saying yes to the project, to go alone, not to be afraid of such a big stage, not to be afraid to compete with such strong people, to stand in front of the competitors … I am very much myself grateful and to the people who support me ”.

Reference from yucatan