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Emilio Osorio had kept a handkerchief

Emilio Osorio had kept a handkerchief

For the actor and singer Emilio Osorio, who appeared in the program “Who is the mask?

“I am happy and grateful for the audience. Although I am very calm to see it on the screen, like you, it triggers a lot of emotions in me, ”says Osorio.

In an interview with Diario de Yucatán, the son of Niurka Marcos and Juan Osorio considers first place in Kalimba to be “super deserved” as well as second in Gala Montes.

“I just slipped to third place,” says the 19-year-old.

At the beginning of the program, Emilio thought he would be the first to be eliminated: “I had seen the personalities that came out over the past few seasons and I imagined the ones that would come out this time. Today I know that I was with Erik Rubín, Tatiana, great people, but I think it was part of the game ‘Who is the mask?’ It’s not about thinking about it and letting fun be your guide and giving 100% of yourself ”.

So, he admits, it was a bit of a surprise to finish third.

Ready to go

“As soon as they told me I was in the semi-finals, I went crazy and said, ‘What? What are you talking about? How will I be in the semifinals? What’s going on? ‘”Indicates Emilio, who was even prepared in every program that he should take off his mask.

“I had a handkerchief prepared in my suit, so if I come out, blow my spit like I’m crying. You think it went so well that I never used the handkerchief. Maybe it was lucky and I was just happy (to have reached the semi-finals) that I said, ‘If I go out today, I won’t cry and I’m out,’ “he added.

Emilio, famous for his participation in the telenovela “My Husband Has a Family”, believes that his character, La Hueva, won public affection from the start, “both because of her small face and because of her name”: ” I think La Hueva is It was a part of everyone in Mexico, but also when the character was made it was with the impulse to create someone super empathetic who is loving, like a naughty child and who has a lot of innocence. that at some point I fell in love with people who were also an important part of the process. “

Emilio admits, however, that he lost around 7 kilos just by dressing as La Hueva: “You sweat a lot, but it’s fun to enjoy it, after all, they don’t know it’s you… I literally felt like you a child with a new toy ”.

He emphasizes that everything was fun for him, including the work of the cloakroom people, the microphones, the floor, the production people and the other masks: I enjoyed it and wouldn’t change anything ”.

Emilio also comments that his passage in “Who is the Mask?” He taught him to be grateful to people and to himself: “Maybe some people see this as very self-centered, but instead of seeing it that way, you have to see it from the side that loves and hugs you.”

“The game taught me to say thank you for not being insane, for saying yes to the project, for going alone, for not being afraid of such a big stage and for being able to compete with such strong people that I stood in front of the competitors … I think that for all of this I am very grateful to myself and the people who support me, ”he emphasizes.— IVÁN CANUL EK

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