Emilio Osorio expresses concern by sharing a picture from the hospital

Niurca’s son and producer Juan Osorio was hospitalized in an emergency at a hospital west of CDMX.

Mexico City.- Emilio Osorio terrified his father And fans after the morning of this Friday, June 11th, I had to go to hospital emergency from Mexico City. Juan Osorio himself shared something Images of your child in the hospital.

What happened?

The producer of “Mere Parivar Ka Kya Hota Hai” didn’t elaborate on what happened to his son. He just thanked the love and support Which he has always given to his child.

In the image shared by the producer, Emilio and Juan are in a hospital room; The boy, despite the fact that he was supposedly ill, smiles, but Juan Osorio’s face is tense and serious. In this picture Juan added:

Sometimes the nights are very long, How does one value life and health! Thank you for your band support,” the Televisa producer wrote on his Twitter account.

Emilio also shared a picture of himself in a hospital room and of his father’s look He didn’t tell what happened to him, But he mentioned being stable. He took advantage of his publication to thank his parents for always taking care of him.

after these ImagesHis followers immediately sent him messages of support and wished him a speedy recovery.

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