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Emilio Osorio confesses why he broke his employment relationship with his father: “a disaster”

In the midst of the release of his new album, Emilio Osorio confirmed that he has embarked on a new path away from his father, John Osorioon a professional level, this after the singer decided to change his stage name and no longer bear the producer’s last name in an attempt to quell the criticism that has been raised by their employment relationship.

Last monday emily appeared on the show the sun rises to talk about his new record material, which is titled E2. During the talk, the singer pointed out the reasons why he no longer participated in his father’s projects.

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The son of Niurka Marcos and Juan Osorio indicated that he has chosen to focus on his career as a singer, which is why his employment relationship with the soap opera producer was broken.

“A disaster was created in networks and thus, there was a labor separation with my father totally… I’m already heading towards music, to do my songsEmily explained.

He noted that his approach to the entertainment industry began at a very young age. He indicated that although he has ventured into different artistic disciplines, his priority has always been his audience.

“I believe that yes, at heart I am a brother who the net really likes to see people happy for what I do. I think that God and life gave me the opportunity to do it with what I like, which is music. The net yes I am well delivered to my public and the truth is what I enjoy the most, outside of writing, outside of all this because I learn all that because it is my passion.

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Later, Emilio mentioned that the two main life lessons that his parents have given him have been freedom and discipline, two elements that have helped him build his career.

“I think my mom is a person that we know is very free above all else, obviously, as it should be. I think being free is the best thing you can be because you end up being happy with yourself, and my dad is an example of professionalism, of discipline, and well, I think it’s a good result and a good meeting,” he added.


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