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Elvis Presley: This is the mariachi who filmed with the “King of Rock” in Hollywood

Elvis Presley was the biggest figure in world rock ‘n’ roll and he loved Mexico and everything related to its culture, so he decided to make a film called “Fun In Acapulco” in which he performed the song Guadalajara alongside a legendary set sang. You may be interested: The first festival honoring North Carolina’s Elvis is this month What is the name of the mariachi who filmed “Fun in Acapulco” with Elvis Presley? In the 1963 film “Fun In Acapulco” Elvis Presley performed the song “Guadalajara” by Pepe Guízar with a little bad Spanish, but the curious thing is that this song was never recorded in Mexico but at Studio 555 in Hollywood next door to the Mariachi -Chapala.

Since Elvis wanted the scene to have all that Mexican “feel,” he asked that a mariachi be hired for the film. At that time, the Mariachi Chapala was one of the most famous and several generations of musicians emerged from it. This is one of many anecdotes the so-called King of Rock has that is as outstanding as meeting the Beatles in person. A violinist named Esteban Hernández was part of the Mariachi Chapala, this musician is the father of José Hernández who now has the famous mariachi Sol de México, a group that has played with artists such as Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel, Rocío Durcal and many more . .

“When the great artists came on tour, they always asked for Mariachi Chapala, where my father was who played the violin, I have some very nice photos of them with great artists,” recalled José Hernández exclusively for La Noticia. Elvis Presley always wanted to play the vihuela. | Photo. Paramount Pictures When was Mariachi Chapala formed, recording alongside Elvis Presley? Mariachi Chapala was formed in 1931, her base has almost always been the city of Los Angeles, but she migrated to Mexicali, Baja California for a few years to form the largest group. By 1955, thanks to some contracts they had in some nightclubs, Mariachi Chapala returned to Los Angeles, where they constantly had a full forum and various artists sought them out to accompany them in their recordings. Also, at that time they were making many films in Hollywood that wanted to show art from Mexican culture, one of them was “Fun In Acapulco” with Elvis Presley, where he sings “Guadalajara” at the end of this film.

One of Elvis Presley’s fascination with mariachis was that since he was a guitarist, he wanted to learn to play the instruments, wanted to fit certain rhythms with his songs, and was constantly asking to be taught how to use these items, which mariachi chapala used to play brought blades. “My father told me that Elvis Presley was very respectful that he came and hesitated with the mariachi musicians. He also held the vihuela (a kind of mini guitar) and since he played the guitar he always asked how to play this instrument. They had a great time with him,” recalls José. It may interest you: Meet The Elvis Presley Channel, the channel dedicated to the King of Rock their charms and they even had to separate them when there was a scene involving a kiss

“When he was doing the kissing scenes with the actresses, they didn’t want to leave him. Even when they called her to court, they wouldn’t give up. Elvis was very lucky,” explained José Hernández. Why didn’t Elvis Presley film Fun in Acapulco in Mexico? There’s an important reason why Elvis Presley couldn’t record this film in Acapulco, but the official version says that the singer was on such a tight schedule and his manager wouldn’t let him leave the country. But there is a more believable version involving former regent Ernesto Peralta Uruchurtu who decided to do a tycoon a favor by sending a letter to Elvis with a blank check, according to the book Refried Elvis: The Rise of the Mexican Counterculture’, by Eric Zolov. That blank check was an open invitation for Elvis to enliven the 15th birthday of a millionaire’s daughter in Mexico, but the “Blue Suede Shoes” performer refused to travel to Mexico City, which didn’t please those involved. .

Feeling offended, the millionaire decided to pay the respected journalist Federico de León a sum of money to invent a story and publish it in his column. According to the column, Elvis preferred “kissing three black women to one Mexican,” something much of the Mexican public disliked. Uruchurtu also ordered radio to be banned from playing Elvis Presley songs, and a fight was even documented at the Las Americas cinema, where King Creole premiered. According to newspapers at the time, there was a confrontation between Elvis fans and people who did not approve of the alleged words reflected in Federico de León’s column. In addition, the sale of the singer’s album was temporarily prohibited.

When Paramount Pictures decided to shoot “Fun In Acapulco,” Elvis was banned from Mexico by order of the authorities, forcing him to shoot in a studio set up in Hollywood. In this way, Elvis Presley was never able to set foot in Mexico to film Fun in Acapulco, but in the end he decided, thanks to the legendary Mariachi Chapala, to give the country a tricolor touch.

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