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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Elvis Crespo sings Neverita by Bad Bunny in a merengue version

Bad Bunny is one of the most listened to artists in the world todayhis success can be seen reflected in his songs that are constantly in the top of streaming platforms. His latest album A Summer Without You has millions of views.

Little by little, the official videos of the songs from this latest album have been released. So far it has released Tití asked me, I behave pretty Y refrigeratoralthough some leaked clips They also show that the official video of The blackout.

The official video of refrigerator has become one of the most special of Bad Bunny because it is full of references to internet memes but it is also a tribute to the success of merengue singer Elvis Crespo, Gently.

The first minutes of the video of the bad rabbit is a replica of the one that Elvis Crespo premiered more than 10 years ago. The American merengue music singer has already reacted to the video and assures that it is an honor that Bad Bunny has been inspired by him.

Now, Elvis Crespo responded to the tribute and during one of his presentations he sang Neverita by Bad Bunny but in a merengue version: How about this version of #Neverita in merengue?” the singer wrote on his social networks.

Thousands of Internet users have reacted to this new version and say they love it. Elvis acknowledged that he would be happy to have a collaboration with Bad Bunny in trap, but the Puerto Rican artist still does not respond to his request.


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