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Elmo teaches girls and boys to get the COVID vaccine with this video

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It’s common for children to have some fear of pain when getting the vaccine, which is why Sesame Street’s Elmo shared a video showing minors receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Alma’s Way: New Latin Series by a Puerto Rican Girl from the Bronx And the thing is that Elmo, who is about five years old, has just been vaccinated, which is why he also urged all minors to get the vaccine, which is already available for children more than five years. “You were amazing today getting the COVID-19 vaccine,” Elmo’s father is heard saying to his son. After this scene, Elmo says he only felt a little pinch and it was nice having his father with him.

Elmo’s father acknowledged that it is normal to be afraid that his son has received the coronavirus vaccine. I had many doubts about giving Elmo the COVID vaccine, is it safe? Is it the right decision? So I decided to ask a pediatrician just to be safe, and I found that vaccinating Elmo is the best way to keep him safe and healthy and to continue enjoying the things he loves,” said Elmo’s father. In the end Elmo and his dad they hugged and showed their love for each other. Here we leave you the video that Elmo used to teach girls and boys how to get the COVID vaccine. Follow this link for where you can bring minors under 4 years old down 4 years old to 18 depending on your zip code and the brand you want to put anywhere in North Carolina.

Reference from lanoticia

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