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Ellen DeGeneres sends a heartbreaking message after the death of her ex Anne Heche

  • Ellen DeGeneres sends moving message after death of Anne Heche
  • The TV presenter expressed her condolences to the family
  • “It’s a sad day,” reads part of the message

HEARTBREAKING MESSAGE! After it became known that the actress Anne Heche was declared brain dead, the messages of condolences have not failed to reach the family. But, one of them was the one that surprised the most and caused nostalgia because it was the message dedicated by Ellen DeGeneres, who was Heche’s partner in the 90s.

The couple’s relationship was one of the most controversial in those years, because they were one of the first openly homosexual relationships that the Hollywood industry observed. Anne, in one of her last interviews, did not hesitate to express her feelings towards the presenter of “The Ellen Show”, declaring what that relationship meant to her.



It was through Anne Heche’s representative that it was revealed that the actress had been declared brain dead, but was still on life support. Although she has legally died, her heart has not stopped beating, but her relatives have declared that Heche “has gone” and therefore, the messages of support and affection did not stop reaching the family of the interpreter of romantic comedies.

One of the messages that caused the most nostalgia and sadness was the one that Ellen DeGeneres dedicated to the actress’s family. The television presenter was the actress’s partner in the 1990s and both became one of the most famous relationships in Hollywood, because they were among the first openly homosexual couples to come to light.

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