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Elizabeth Olsen Talks ‘Doctor Strange’ Cameo and Her Future in the MCU (Exclusive)

Elizabeth Olsen Talks 'Doctor Strange' Cameo and Her Future in the MCU (Exclusive)

Olsen reprised her role as Wanda in the latest Marvel sequel. 

As Wanda, Elizabeth Olsen has traveled extensively over the course of several Marvel films and limited series, wandavisionwhich set up the character for her latest development as the Scarlet Witch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Speaking to ET’s Will Marfuggi, the actress talked about the film’s many cameos and what this latest installment means for her future in the MCU.

[Warning: Spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness]

in the sequel written by bottle gourd Directed by producers Michael Waldron and Sam Raimi, Wanda, now known as the Scarlet Witch, follows the unexpected arrival of young superhero, America Chavez (Xochital Gomez), herself alongside Dr. Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). The ability to travel through dimensions, which finds itself in obstacles. It turns out, Scarlet Witch is the one who’s hunting her in order to use her powers to find a way to be with her kids, Billy (Julian Hilliard) and Tommy (Jet Klein), both of whom are unpredictable in the film. are villains. made in wandavision,

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness
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While Chavez and Strange attempt to overtake it by jumping from universe to universe, the Scarlet Witch goes on a murderous rampage that kills anyone who gets in its way. It also includes the Illuminati, an elite team of superheroes in an alternate universe that includes Blackgar Boltgun. (inhumaneAnson Mount), Captain Marvel (Lashana Lynch), Captain Peggy Carter (Haley Atwell), Charles Xavier (X Men The film’ Patrick Stewart), Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and Reed Richards (John Krasinski).

However, despite her best efforts, the Scarlet Witch is unable to steal Chavez’s powers. And after fearfully retreating to her children from an alternate universe, she trusts her pain, hurling Mount Wundagore upon him and an end to the chaos at hand.

When it comes to the likes of Scarlet Witch variety of madness“She is fair in everything she does,” says Olsen, which makes her the hero of her journey, “I defend her through and through.

ET: What does this movie mean to you? Are we going to see more Wanda? What are you doing?

Elizabeth Olsen: i need to talk to kevin [Feige] To answer these questions, because I really don’t know what’s next. I don’t even know if he wants me to say, “I don’t know.” Or if she’s happy that I’m doing the same… because I’m bad at lying too. So, I’m happy to be like “I don’t know”. because I do not know. Or if he wants me to say, “No, you’ll be back.” I don’t know

Are you playing for more?

No, I’m playing for more. How do I approach him if the stories need me.

Do you feel like there’s a particular story you’d like to tell? Because for me, especially after VandaVision, I feel like there’s something really going on and recognizable with someone who is experiencing the grief he’s experiencing. And to have the power to rip the universe apart, to get back what it wants, which any of us would do… almost any of us would do if we were in the exact same situation.

right. Especially after losing your child and getting a chance to find them again. I cannot say such things.

But I mean, I don’t think it’s a secret. I guess there have been fewer easter eggs in the trailers, and at the end of the projects, we know that’s what Wanda was looking for. She is looking for Billy and Tommy.

Yes. And so, I have a thought in my head that I am not going to share with you, I think it will be fun. But someone just said… I’m not going to share it with you, because it’s my knowledge. But, as someone mentioned, if they had to bring on the X-Men, she was such a big part of those comics. And so I would love to be involved in that capacity. I would love to continue with this character. I guess things are… I know of something that could be as fun as the next step. But then again, I really want to talk to Kevin about this stuff… let me give him a call now.

What was it like to be able to shoot these Illuminati scenes with these incredible cameos?

Well, I think I met half of them. The rest half was just me and body doubles. There were a lot of problems in scheduling.

Do you know who they were going to be?

Yes I did, but I wasn’t working with half of them. What I thought with the Illuminati was, should I go through them faster. I felt so And then we thought that this wanda is not in this universe as the Scarlet Witch in our universe. And so, it’s like being the best race car driver in the world without the best car. And so that’s part of the element that makes it difficult for him.

Was there a version of Scarlet Witch that you most enjoyed playing?

It was the scarlet witch of this universe. I had loved her. I really loved him, and I used to fight for him and I was… I loved playing his tone, his spirit, his anger, his love. I had loved her.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Now in cinemas.

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