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Eleonora, the character of Ana Maria Campoy who was terrified of Color TV

Eleonora, the character of Ana Maria Campoy who was terrified of Color TV

As he did with the world, which traveled through it and later took root in Argentina, we We go over her magical character palette to be with Eleonora, the long dark-haired woman in the air who had ventured to kill color TV. A Way to Pay Tribute to Ana Maria Campoy, This Monday 26, the day i would have turned 96.

Great-granddaughter, granddaughter and daughter of actors, had surrounded the apple: so much so that at the age of 4, at the helm of a play by her parents’ theater company, With the entire room and stage empty, he decided to appear “in front of the public to earn money”., dragging a huge gypsy dress. And they all laughed at each other”, he said. One of the funniest, most versatile and most charismatic actresses who have worked in this country.

The episode, which may well have marked his debut on the stage (although he was allowed to act at the age of 7), took place in Spain, where he was. Anita Tormo You Ernesto Campoy. He was born on July 26, 1925, in the middle of a theatrical tour in Bogota.

Ana Maria Campoy Died In 96 At The Age Of 80.  Olga Zubri Interview For Key Word Ana Maria Campoy Interview For Key Word Interview For Key Word

Ana Maria Campoy died in 96 at the age of 80. olga zubri interview for key word ana maria campoy interview for key word interview for key word

His roadmap shows that he worked in the Spanish lands (he filmed his first film there, when he was 12 years old): aurora of hope), among other destinations in Mexico and Portugal, which Married Jose Cibrian in ’47 in Guatemala, that a year later she became a mother for the first time in Cuba (Jose Cibrian Campoy, the eldest of two brothers) and that Some actors chose to settle in Argentina in ’49.

Here he worked with more successes than failures in theatre, film and TV. Cibrian Campoy was part of Argentine Television’s clubs., Channel 7 debuted with two shows, the only indication that the medium had in its first nine years: Suspense Tele-theater You Nestor watches Villegas.

Already reputed as an oiled-up couple inside and out of work, in ’53 they starred in how i love you anna, to, after five years, go out with how i love you pepe. Those were black and white times, times that she knew well, From that springboard, shield the phrase left in the top of TV memoirs, on one side and on the other screen.

Marriage And Anything Else: Cibrian And Campoy, An Unbeatable Thread For Comedy.

Marriage and anything else: Cibrian and Campoy, an unbeatable thread for comedy.

“Eleonora? Yes, whoever said this, he’s going to paint the television.”, the most heard reaction in this was Journey to rebuild the character’s story.

The Creature That Lost La Campoy’s Hair

Sassy Girl, Ana Maria always had a loose tongue and tied hair (especially in her adult state), of more bun, strappy hairstyles. But, an actress who knew how to compose from inside and out, He released it on stage to give life to Eleonora Sala (She has also appeared as Salas in some credits), an actress who is stubborn with the classics, dedicated to Anton Chekhov. Some initial propensity for proclamation.

Eleonora She was very serious and that made Campoy very funny when he gave her his body.

No confirmed birth certificate, but Eleonora was born in a theater, about a kind of parodic monologue Somewhat angry and very arrogant actress.

However, she gained popularity on television, especially in the segment she had Badiya & Co.The Saturday Magazine of Juan Alberto Badia. It was the first half of the 80s, and La Campoy reveals her long, shiny hair (He never revealed the secret of how he took care of that beautiful hair) so that his character could interview some famous person who I was trying to be an ally on camera, and then criticizing her with a phrase blessed with color TV.

Jorge Basuerto And Ana Maria Campoy, The Pair Behind Eleonora.  Clarins Archive.

Jorge Basuerto and Ana Maria Campoy, the pair behind Eleonora. Clarins Archive.

Behind Eleonora’s sandwich, no matter where she did it (they developed it for a handful of shows), Jorge Basuerto had a pen, one of the best comedy screenwriters of the small screen, who also knew how to make a good pair with Juan Carlos Mesa (Compoy played Mesa’s songs in the comedy) Tension, among other cycles).

Thanks to Gabriel, one of Mesa’s sons, bugle Marisa, Basuerto’s daughter, was able to find a psychoanalyst and The owner of a good memory, which allows you to go to the beginning of the character: “She appeared as an actress who would create and always repeat classics” ‘I, who studied, who did to Chekhov …’. In the sketch she made, she went to the channels looking for work and they took her out running. and then said ‘What struck me was color television’. Actually, they didn’t take it because it was bad

idiom He was adapting to the needs of the TV, so that the color is even, In his mouth, danger to many. and gone ‘It’s being killed by color television’ Or ‘He’s going to kill you…’. The text, apart from the variations, became his best slogan..

From those good old days, Marisa remembers behind the scenes that link between writer and actress. He goes into a situation that may have been written in a script by his father at his family home in Ayakucho and Santa Fe, and says that “It remains a very sweet thing to me. .. my father and Ana Maria met while working. , they may have crossed paths out there before. But as a result of the scripts, which were more elaborate at the time than they are now, it was not television distribution. Was, They often talked on the phone and talked a lot, I’m telling you about the time without cell phones

And complete the postcard: “When Anna called home, my mother would answer several times. Anna Maria was very talkative, very talkative and they had built a good relationship. I clearly remember that earlier I used to talk to my mother for a long time.”

Once “It happened to him with my father, he commented to me: ‘This anna is so funny’. because i told her ‘When I call your house and talk to you, and then you call for George to come to me, I imagine a long and narrow corridor, and George walks away and comes to that place’ where is the telephone. It was all so much fun, and that was ‘Wait right now I’ll call you, here it comes down the long hall’, imaginary corridor, of course”.

Basurto’s daughter defines him “Very angry woman and her character was very much of Ghani Khan”, dressed in classical stage clothes, who called the producers and offered them roles that didn’t fit with the TV of the moment”.

And one day Eleonora cut her hair

The character’s recipe included Basuerto’s libretto, Campoy’s histrionics, and the displeasure of the imaginary woman who was tied up in time And the hair that burst with a simple movement of the head. It was like Susannah Jimenez’s shock, but without the glamour. of the case.

The room was not glamorous, it was pretentious.

Eleonora Sala Found Her Best Catchphrase On Color Tv.

Eleonora Sala found her best catchphrase on color TV.

In an interview he Nation In April 1998, Campoy reveals what he did to his hair and to his imaginary girl: “I cut it. I cut it because when television started getting too rough, I didn’t mind, but I didn’t want to. So they suggested that a character I played, Eleonora … please me Let go a little. And I said: ‘No, not only am I not going to get rid of it, but I’m not going to do it, because I’m free I’m not going to do it’. Not only did I not do that, but I cut Eleonora’s hair, poor

Consulted for this note, the producer of Badiya & Co. Do not contain material from the section in which Ana Maria Played an actress who was not like him at all.

funniest in group of friends

Nora Karpena, with whom he shared a poster, for example, in the last one switches the light (Hermitage Theatre, 1983), considers that Eleonora “It was a variant of El Contra in a female version.. When I did it in interviews, I waited for the figure to go and then critiqued it with color TV. They described him as a great star above the others. She was very funny. Good, Anna Maria herself was very funny

It acknowledges thatIt was very difficult to get bored with pineapple. Imagine when he and China Zorrilla got together. it was like a tournament of anecdotes… you will never know if they were all true, but how well he counted them. They were divine stories”.

When Pepe Cibrian got traumatized, in ’90 (he died in December 2002), his wife took care of him, couple without ever losing the humor. The two recognized it as such in Susanna Jimenez’s living room in the light of Ana’s 70 years.

“We went out a lot and he enjoyed it, but I never stopped being aware of him, I called him and told things, Was saying ‘Yes, there were so many people in the first show, so many people in the second’, and around there we only went to eat. She was a great storyteller”

Carpea remarks that “she took care of him until the very last day … well, as did I. William (Bradeston). It was a luxury to be with Anna, there was a lot of sparkle in it”, shares the actress who is in charge of it radioteatro del plata (1030 in the morning), with adaptations of works by the giant Alberto Migre.

Grace, The Noun That Best Defines Her According To Her Friends.

Grace, the noun that best defines her according to her friends.

Graciela Borges is one of them Join the La Campoy Fan Club. From his home in Pilar he gives an example of a time when he visited Badiya & Co.: “Several times I saw her play Eleonora in the studio, and then we would go out to eat. Anita was very funny. I have countless memories with them both because I met them when I was very young.”

He says that “when I got married, the whole team at Campoy Cibrian came to a country house we had Juan Manuel (Bordeaux), her husband) in San Isidro and She Brought the Richest Tortilla in the World. She was so histrionic that her children would go to the pool in the middle of summer with the scorching heat, and she suddenly said to the youngest (Roberto), ‘Get out of there son, you have purple nails.’ He created unforgettable scenes. She was loving and generous. And her husband the same”.

And, from the deepest wisdom, he gives that “where she was there was creativity and grace she never complains. He was splendid. You would go home to have dinner with Anna and you would realize how happy you were to be with such a funny and sensitive person.”

Eleonora Was Born In The Theater, But Became Famous Thanks To Tv.

Eleonora was born in the theater, but became famous thanks to TV.

After a worldwide hit, La Campoy died in Buenos Aires on July 8, 2006, a few days before the age of 81.

When he blew out 70 candles, and went to Susanna’s televised living room to celebrate it, he defined himself without euphemism: “I’m like a race car, I’ll have to go 220 if I’m not bored. And there’s nothing worse in life than boredom”.

It is impossible to be bored, it is said that those who had. It’s impossible to get bored, say those of us who interviewed him. It’s impossible to get bored of the woman who composed Eleonora, probably fought color TV, but Able to make an impression on those of us who saw his hair fall. and grace.

thanks, campoy.