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Elderly tiktokers make Nodal a strong jerk with a rap song

The video of the shooting of Nodal has 2.7 million views (Photos: Tiktok/@lostuexi, Gettyimages)

A profile on the platform TikTok which has more than 47 thousand followers called The Tuexis, It has several videos of tiraderas, but the curious thing about this is that the boys come out dressed as old men while rapping.

In one of many, there is a tiktok that was uploaded a day ago and is a tiradadera towards all the controversies of Nodalincluding that of J Balvinthe one with his tattoos and that of his ex-girlfriend Belinda.

“Nodal, nothing has happened to you, you are just an immature nose, you are crazy. Having everything in life you have only shown us that Belinda is a goddess and you are caked”, are some verses of the song.

The video already has 2.7 million views and more than 161 thousand comments. The disguised ones call themselves “the twins Elmer and Diana”.

Elders rap tiradera Nodal on TikTok (Video: @lostuexi)

Among the user responses, a lot of acceptance of the clip can be observed. “It is not a lie”; “I don’t see any fault with what she said”; “Where did this gem come from pop slump”, were just a few.

After that first part, the rap was directed to shoot at the tattoos of the Sonoran, mentioning that he rather looks tender with them and that it seems that they were done while he slept.

“You painted the frustration of your hell on your face and you were like an imitation “Mara”, that is, tender. That look is not from Balvin, I agree with you there. You fell asleep in a peda with friends.

Also, the song continued talking about the controversy with J Balvin and it was said that the interpreter of We are no longer nor will we be he did not act intelligently.

Christian Nodal received a tiradera for his controversies (Capture: Instagram/@nodal)
Christian Nodal received a tiradera for his controversies (Capture: Instagram/@nodal)

“We put you in context cab ** n, you are a famous nose that gets 1 million a month, who rides in a Ferrari with his song on the top, but the boy is sad because the girlfriend left him. Blavin tagged you and you weren’t smart, what he said offended you and you copied Residente, “they concluded.

In the lyrics they also added that Christian Nodal he should dedicate himself to releasing regional Mexican songs and not try to rap with problems that nobody is interested in, naming his genre “deprepop”.

Denominated The Tuexi, are two young people who dedicate themselves to making podcasts and songs, as well as throwing artists while they are disguised. They also have a YouTube channel where they upload all the complete content.

Apparently the characters of Elmer and Diana are dedicated to giving opinions on controversial or sensitive issues, such was the case of Christian Nodal and, in one of his most recent ones, there is a song dedicated to Sonora Grill.

The Tuexi dedicate trash to the case of the Sonora Grill (Photo: TikTok)
The Tuexi dedicate trash to the case of the Sonora Grill (Photo: TikTok)

The controversy of the restaurant was one of the most notorious during the past week, due to the alleged acts of racism and classism carried out at the Sonora Grill Polanco branch.

The song begins with the verse “If you’re dark, it’s not there (…) Good afternoon, welcome to the Sonora restaurant, where we dress in white because white is elegant, everyone is white, it even looks like a baptism, you go to the area where mestizos do not enter”.

And it is that a young woman was the one who declared that when working there she saw many discriminatory acts that were part of the company’s policies. She uploaded her testimonial to TikTiok and social media exploded making her testimonial viral.

The incident at the Sonora Grill Polanco caused a wave of memescriticism and anger among network users, so much so that Copred opened an investigation folder for the reported acts.


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