Home Entertainment “El Potrillo” and Doña Cuquita sing together and remember Vicente Fernández

“El Potrillo” and Doña Cuquita sing together and remember Vicente Fernández


MEXICO CITY.- The Mexican regional singer, Alejandro Fernandez, and his mother, Maria del Refugio Abarca, known as Mrs. CuquitaShe shared an emotional moment in memory Vicente Fernandez, who died on December 12th at the age of 81.

Vicente Fernández’s son uploaded a video on his social networks in which he performed with his mother, with the sunset in the background and both sing “I swear to god”.

This piece was sung countless times by Alejandro and his father, who died on December 12th. Moved and nostalgic, mother and son were seen that way.

“Happy New Year!, we miss you old man, my dear old man… Thinking of you “.

The publication received comments from several artists, including Maribel Guardia, who placed an emoji with a tear on it. José Luis, out Rome riverAmong other things, they sent love to the artist and his family.

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Since the death of Vicente Fernández at the age of 81 the family remembered him through their social networks.

Vicente Fernández Jr. posted a message on his Instagram account four days ago that said, “Your wings were ready to fly, but my heart was never ready to see you go.”

In addition to this emotional release, Alejandro shared a video with his followers that counts from him most beautiful moments on the “Made in Mexico” tour, during which he performed in several places in the republic, including the National Auditorium, just one day after the sensitive death of his father.

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