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“El Pañuelo”: between bachata and flamenco, this is the new collaboration between Rosalía and Romeo Santos

Rosalía and Romeo Santos premiere “El Pañuelo”. (Photo: screenshot)

“El Pañuelo” is the new song by New York singer Romeo Santos and the Catalan Rosalía released this Thursday, September 1. This is their first collaboration together, in which they fused the bachata genre, through the voice of Santos, with Spanish folk music and flamenco sounds by the hand of the Spanish artist.

The song that is part of the new album “Fórmula Vol.3″ by Romeo Santosbegins with a part in which Rosalía lavishes various vocal tricks that demonstrate her musical origins, linked to flamenco, so that immediately afterwards Santos bursts in with bachata rhythms.

A ‘featuring’ that, as could be expected, It has a romantic theme and is three minutes twenty seconds long in which the Spanish woman is also animatedwithout losing its style, to sing some fragments with more bachata traits to end up culminating with his renowned wink: “La Rosalía”.

Although they had already sung together at the end of 2021 at a New Yorker concert in the Dominican Republic. So, the Catalan has already made it clear that she can dominate the bachata genre thanks to a good interpretation of the song “Obsesión 2.0 ″.

Likewise, Rosalía evidenced in the song “La Fama”, together with the Canadian artist The Weeknd and belonging to her latest album “Motomami”, that bachata is one of the registers that currently attracts him the most musically.

The collaboration with Rosalía is just one of the seven ‘featurings’ featured on Santos’ new album, which was also released today and is one of the most ambitious musical projects of his entire career.

“Fórmula Vol.3″ unites the music of the man known as the “King of Bachata” with that of renowned artists such as the American Justin Timberlake or the Mexican Christian Nodal, among others.

Although since the titles of the songs and some of their collaborations on social networks were announced, Santos’ followers were noticeably more excited about his theme with Rosalía. And it is that the Spanish is in a great moment of her career after the incredible reception of his record work “Motomami” and after placing his single “Despecha” among the ten most listened to songs of the summer on the Spotify platform.

Currently, Rosalía continues to tour with “Motomami” throughout Latin America and it will do the same in the United States, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and France before the end of the year.

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