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‘El Buro’ Van Rankin makes a clumsy mistake when issuing his dismissal to Sammy

'El Buro' Van Rankin makes a clumsy mistake when issuing his dismissal to Sammy

The presenter was also accused of appearing at the cost of Sammy Perez’s death.

Mexico City.- George ‘The Donkey’ Van Rankin caused ridicule and criticism after sharing a Video in which it was issued his farewell Comedian done Sammy Perez, who To die After the morning of this 30th July Complications with Covid-19.

The message shared by the actor also generated attack you, because many believed that his words weren’t honest And he did it only to “not be left behind”.

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Did you forget you were recording your condolences?

death of Sammy influenced Mexico, as the actor was originally from Puebla over the years and after his involvement various tv shows managed to make a good deposit Number of fans.

But his time on TV and in cinema brought many changes in his life. Friend – or those who consider themselves so – not only that Eugenio Derbez or Miguel Luis he assured be sad Perez’s departure. Also the host of “Members on the Air” commented that he regretted the comedian’s death.

and so they let it look in a Video Which he published on his Instagram account in which he was heard talking about the departure of Sami Perez. However, ‘El Burro’ forgot to end your recording So came to understand A phrase that troubled many: “I had to put something They were asking me to put something.”

The error immediately led to the removal of comments against Van Rankin, as reported by Internet users. send your condolences with interest.

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‘El Burro’ explains what he meant

Due to the wave of negative feedback it received George Van Rankin shared another Video In which he apologized and assured that his action would not be presented.

It should be remembered that Sammy Perez began his career with Jorge “El Buro” Van Rankin, as he first appeared on the program. “the prison”, Which was led by him and Esteban Ars.

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