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‘El Buci’ with the phrase “killer” tells everyone to get vaccinated without fear

Marco Antonio Solís

The singer again “broke” social networks with a message that in addition to promoting vaccination, there were reactions.

Miami.- Marco Antonio Solis, ‘El Buci’ He is one of the famous people who asked his followers to take care of themselves since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, use a mask, Stay at home and get vaccinated now. The singer has invited everyone through a message on Twitter. Get vaccinated against Kovid-19 without any fear.

However, the interpreter of “Mas que tu amigo” made this invitation in a special way. As he is getting used to, the singer Released the phrase “those who reach the heart”, That is why within minutes he revealed comments from Internet users who praised his great talent for creating “Modern Poetry”.

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Reminds them that their X is more harmful than the vaccine

Through his official Twitter account, Marco Antonio Solisso invited his followers to take advantage of vaccination days, but to stop encouraged he and the people to be vaccinateddecided to motivate them by reminding them that Vaccines are not harmful And you suffer less from a relationship with a former partner: “He must have been harmed more by his ex”.

As expected the iconic phrase released by ‘El Buci’ has gone viral within minutes.

It should be noted that the singer is one of the public figures who encourages frequent vaccinations And unlike other celebrities, Marco Antonio Solis has always been in favor of As a method to prevent coronavirus infection.

For this reason, he has repeatedly used his social network emit messages in which it seeks to raise awareness in population, but at the top support hygiene measures that helps reduce death count and the contagion that the covid-19 pandemic has generated.

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