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Eiza González showed off her stay in Mexico with a giant michelada in hand

Eiza Gon´zales having michelada (Photo: Screenshot (Ig/@eizagonzalez)

Through your official account Instagram, Eiza Gonzalez shared a series of stories in which he seemed to be in Aztec lands next to his mother, glenda reyna.

Likewise, the Mexican was quite happy and enjoying her Saturday while giving her a drink to a giant michelada frosted with chili.

Only in Mexico (laughing emoji),” he wrote in the clip, before sharing what he was eating: a delicious Oaxacan tamale.

Micheladas are a typical drink from Mexicoin which various sauces, lemon and tomato juice are usually mixed with clams, as well as decorating the glasses with chili powder.

The actress enjoyed a great michelada (Photo: Screenshot (Ig/@eizagonzalez)
The actress enjoyed a great michelada (Photo: Screenshot (Ig/@eizagonzalez)

Similarly, tamales are a hundred percent Mexican dish and have pre-Hispanic origins, only that their recipe has been modified over the years.

On several occasions, the protagonist of Ambulance has expressed that Mexican food is his favorite, including the delicious chilaquiles.

Despite the fact that the singer is also triumphing in Hollywood and carrying high the name of Mexicoseems not to forget its roots.

Eiza Gonzalez in Mexico

Einza González in Mexico (Photo: Screenshot (Ig/@eizagonzalez)
Einza González in Mexico (Photo: Screenshot (Ig/@eizagonzalez)

The actress is in the Mexican Republic because two of the most recognized actors, Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal will participate with her in her new production.

The project will be part of the streaming platform Star Plus of the company waltdisney and was approved in July of last year, which is named Machine.

As far as is known, Eiza will play the character of Irasemawho will be an aspiring sports journalist who intends to approach the world of boxing.

For its part, Gael Garcia will play Estebanher ex-husband, who still loves her dearly and is the mother of her two children. Diego Luna will be Andyand the three have known each other since adolescence.

Machine will tell the story of Esteban, a boxer in decline, with his friend and manager Andy, who will try to convince him to take one last fight in which he could win the championship title.

Likewise, a few days ago González responded to a tweet by Gael García Bernal in which he welcomed the project. “Thanks Gael, see you soon“, wrote.

“Welcome, Eisa! Maximum happiness from everyone around here.”

For his part, Gael García is also venturing into Hollywood, as he recently learned of his role in werewolf by nighta halloween special from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the preview they released a few days ago, you could see Gael Garcia fully characterized as the mythical character of various legends.

Thus, the actor joined a very exclusive list of Mexicans who have collaborated with Marvel or in the universe starwars, for example Salma Hayek who is the star of the tape Eternals, Tenoch Huerta and Diego Moon.

And it is that in the same way, Diego Luna has managed to reach great American productions, since he participated in a series of Star Pluscall Andora prequel to starwars in which he is the protagonist.

The first and second installments of Andor It will have 24 episodes in total. Luna said that in its first season, the series felt like a “giant 12 episode movie”.


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