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eight years after his death they release “Enough Guys”, the podcast that explores the life of the media

eight years after his death they release

Though they handed nearly eight years after his demise, Ricardo Fort remains to be within the information. The newest information is that this Wednesday, August 18, opens Sufficient guys: The lifetime of Ricardo Fort, a podcast that may be heard on Spotify.

By way of ten weekly episodes, which shall be launched each Wednesday, this podcast guarantees to discover “a life of luxury, fame, loves and disappointments” in addition to reveal “unpublished anecdotes between the Commander, his family, his environment and various celebrities.”

Visitors corresponding to Felipe Fort, Guido Süller, Luis Ventura, Violeta Lo Re and Aníbal Pachano will take part within the broadcasts. The conductor answerable for immersing the viewers within the lifetime of Ricardo Fort is youtuber Damián Kuc, which conducts interviews, analyzes the testimonies of the individuals who knew the Commander and refreshes the whole archive of, what was for a lot of, the truth of his life.

Ricardo Fort With Sandra Villarruel.  Photo: Twitter

Ricardo Fort with Sandra Villarruel. Photograph: Twitter

What is that this enterprise about

It ought to be remembered that Ricardo Fort was one of many heirs of the emblematic FelFort chocolate firm. However he did not wish to go into household enterprise: turned a television star By way of his look on numerous channels, actuality reveals and applications on present enterprise, gossip and reveals.

These accountable for the podcast guarantee that it’s going to present different aspects of the media. That is how Kuc guarantees: “It is an opportunity to know the most human side of Ricardo, the sincere and honest side of a person who, during his last days, only felt pain ”.

With manufacturing of Amphibian Journal, the episode that premieres this Wednesday, August 18 is titled I am not a taking pictures star and develops how Fort was entangled in a privileged place within the media sport.

The Podcast On Ricardo Fort Is On Spotify.

The podcast on Ricardo Fort is on Spotify.

That is Guido Süller talking

The primary visitor, Guido Süller, highlights his relationship with Fort: “I was one of the few who really loved him: I loved him when he was poor. We were united by heartbreak, we were two beautiful boys looking to be accepted, wanting to be unforgettable ”.

Moreover, Süller traces a retrospective take a look at his pal’s media life: “The difference between the two is that I resigned myself to being a great mediatician and he wanted to be an artist”. Also in this episode, Anibal Pachano and Luis Ventura give their opinion on Fort’s time in show business.

The second episode, MIAMEEE, will premiere on Wednesday, August 25 and will delve into the boy who secretly wished for sequins, self-exile in Miami and Buenos Aires gay night of the ’80s.

Federico Serrat, Fort’s ex-boyfriend when he was young, shares: “Sometimes he did those evil things that were in the middle of school, but we were already grown up … In one night he went from laughing to death to messing with someone who had greeted him wrong, and sometimes he got kicked out of the bowling alley ”.

Ricardo Fort With Guido Süller.  Photo: Guido Süller Archive

Ricardo Fort with Guido Süller. Photograph: Guido Süller Archive

A high-flying podcast

Additionally testifying is his son, Felipe Fort. Thus, in one of many chapters he tells: “Dad liked being with people. Yes all the time. I like being with people, I don’t like being alone. I’m afraid of loneliness, I don’t like it. So I think the same thing happened to him ”.

Kuc is enthusiastic: “This is the most fun and interesting project I have ever participated in. I accepted without hesitation, not only because we are talking about a podcast dedicated purely and exclusively to him, but also because it is the possibility of trying to understand what it was that we loved about this incredible character. “

And adds: “It is a podcast that invites you to laugh, to be surprised, to reflect and even to cry. But I think that saying that there are ten chapters entirely dedicated to the Commander, where we interviewed many people who were by his side, sums up everything perfectly ”.