Effect of fraud of 30 lakh pesos continues on Jaime Moussan

It was not a UFO! It was the theft of huge amounts of money that Mason was causing serious problems.

Mexico City.- Jaime Moussan, an expert on the subject of the UFO phenomenon, participated in the oral trial of a trial For the fraud which he filed since 2016 and which still has not reached a conclusion as a result, he remarked, of gaps in the law that have allowed it to be adjourned.

“If a person like me, who is not rich, You have to wait six years to get your money back‘Something is wrong,’ commented the communicator outside Mexico City’s attorney general’s office.

it was a hoax they made me When I was building Third Millennium Office. not solved yet Despite the fact that we have won every instance and every place where the test has been conducted, we luckily got the backing of the law but we are still here,” the UFO expert added with annoyance.

they stole three million pesos from him

Mausan He told that he lost three million pesos that I invested, well hired a man Named Samuel Roque on the recommendation of acquaintances but About eight months after the start of work, he realized that there was no progress In almost nothing.

James He explained that on three occasions the defendant did not appear, first because he had clearly given her hepatitis and on two more occasions because he had COVID-19. About Sorry that the legal process is so difficult.

Journalist shared his opinion Why were they able to delay the sentence so much? And do not return your money; He is believed to have all the elements to prove that fraud was committed against him. He said that, although it was a difficult time, he is currently fine and has managed to complete the work. Wait for the law to be obeyed.

“They are legal resources that anyone can use, You grab lawyers who are clever and will use whatever they can. They also asked that the offense of cheating be removed from the Constitution and it took six months for the Supreme Court to say that this could not be done,” Mausan explained.

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