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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Edy Smol attacks Laura Zapata for insulting Mexicans: “they rotted her soul”

Edy Smol, the fashion guru, exploded against Laura Zapata, after the famous one in an interview said that Mexicans were “eggheads”. This after she complained about the social aid that is given to vulnerable groups and despite the fact that Thalía’s sister already came out to clarify that she was not referring to the entire Mexican population.

It was through several tweets where Edy Smol launched himself against Laura Zapata. She said that her criticism was given because she is famous, she believes that she is in a soap opera.



Regina Orozco criticizes Laura Zapata for calling Mexicans “eggs”

He said that the soap opera villain believed her role where her characters had overtones of racism, elitism, classism:

“I’ll give you a summary: La Zapata screwed up, so much telenovela that she interpreted with serious nuances of racism, elitism, classism, those marginal and filthy cries tattooed her and rotted her brain and soul, I hope she heals on her own well, how difficult to be herself, ”said the famous.

Likewise, in several comments from Internet users, Edy Smol assured that Laura Zapata surely suffered a lot as a child, for which she currently has emotional crises and a lack of values:

“She is the product of a lousy childhood, bad adolescence and frustrated adulthood. He has a difficult life in his emotional crisis, lack of values ​​influenced by his malinchismo, racism, classism, it is not bad to have money, it is bad that in some unbalanced people it produces the effect of having money or worse still, wanting wildly to have a lot of money ” , are some of the comments that the fashion guru made against Laura Zapata.


And it is that the criticism against Zapata was unleashed, after in Atypical Te Ve he said that Mexicans have many “eggs” who only stretch their hands:

“I am going to say a word that shocks me, but we are a country of eggs…, of stretching out your hand and ‘don’t you give me? give me, give me ‘, and this one fans them, cornfields them with 2,000 pesos, with 1,500 pesos a month”, he said.

As expected, the criticism against him did not wait. Among these, Yolanda Andrade and Regina Orozco.



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