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Eduin Caz bathes his wife in beer and hundreds of criticisms rain down on him: “What a lack of respect” (VIDEO)

  • Eduin Caz’s wife receives peculiar congratulations on her birthday
  • A humiliation? People strongly criticize the vocalist of Grupo Firme
  • Here we tell you how was the reaction of Eduin Caz’s wife, Daisy Anahy

Eduin Caz bathes his wife in beer. The Grupo Firme vocalist never stops giving something to talk about, if it is not for the occurrences he makes at his concerts, it is for the scandalous ones in which he has been involved with his wife, whom we remember, a few months ago to know that he had been unfaithful.

Despite this controversy, it seems that the couple knew how to get ahead of this media storm and are better than ever. And it is that again Eduin has been quite criticized on social networks after doing what nobody imagined in the middle of the concert and his wife came out “soaked”.

He bathes his wife in beer in the middle of a concert

Eduin Caz bathes his wife in beer

Yesterday, Eduin Caz’s wife, Daisy Anahy, was celebrating her birthday in a big way, so the Grupo Firme vocalist made the decision to celebrate it in a rather peculiar way, but for this, it has rained hundreds and hundreds of reviews on social networks.

Eduin sang the mornings to his wife in full concert but in a quite unique way, because between him and the other members of Grupo Firme, they came down from the stage and soaked her with nothing more and nothing less than beer! One or two boats were not enough for them, but more than 2 tubs were thrown on it and the people joined them.

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