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Eduardo Verástegui’s father died at the age of 72; this was announced by the actor

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The actor shared some photos with his father (Photos: IG eduardoverastegui)

During the early hours of this Saturday, the actor Eduardo Verastegui reported on the death of his father José Jesús Verástegui Treviño.

It was through your account Instagram where the producer also sent a sad farewell message to his father, who He left at 72 years of age.

“Dear Dad, my warrior, my teacher, my companion and friend, you are already in the Father’s arms. Your departure fills me with pain, but I feel a lot of peace, because I am certain that Mama Maria is opening the gates of Heaven for you. I can only thank the Lord that he has blessed me in such a way to have you as a father. José Jesús Verástegui Treviño, MY DAD, has just left”, he began to write.

Eduardo's father passed away at the age of 72 (Photos: IG eduardoverastegui)
Eduardo’s father passed away at the age of 72 (Photos: IG eduardoverastegui)

Likewise, Verástegui accompanied the publication with a series of photographs where he can be seen hugging his father at various times.

“Tireless and strong worker, always honest, never gave up on anything. I stay with your hands pressed to the rosary all these days; with your endless love as a father, as a husband, as a grandfather, as a friend. With your strength as a fighter, with your unwavering convictions and your enormous love for your Mexican land”, he continued.

Eduardo took advantage of the space to thank his father for all the learning that he left, not only to him, but to his entire family and stressed that he was a very religious man.

“Thank you, dad, for showing us the path to follow, my mom, your brothers, your children, your grandchildren and your nephews. Love you. Today we pray your last rosary together, and that is one more grace that the Lord gave me: you accompanied me like so many times in the #Rosarioporelmundo, because you were a faithful part of the #RinconGuadalupano and you will continue to be now from Heaven, ”he said.

Verástegui lamented the departure of his father (Photos: IG eduardoverastegui)
Verástegui lamented the departure of his father (Photos: IG eduardoverastegui)

The soap opera actor Dreamers, rebellious soul either light on the way He pointed out that, despite all the bad things, his father left calmly.

“You left in the way that I have always asked the Lord that I wanted to leave too: praying the rosary. You accompanied me until I finished the 5th mystery, and you rested. Thank you, dear God, for that gift. Until each rosary, dad ”, he placed.

Similarly, Verástegui quoted Saint Augustine and resumed some brief words by way of farewell for one of the most important people in life.

“And I know that, if you could answer me now, you would say something like this prayer of St. Augustine: ‘Don’t cry if you love me. if you knew the gift of God and what heaven is… If you could hear the song of the angels and see me in their midst”, wrote.

The actor dedicated a few words to him (Photos: IG eduardoverastegui)
The actor dedicated a few words to him (Photos: IG eduardoverastegui)

The reactions from social network users were immediate and several of them sent their condolences to the famous for the loss of their loved one.

“A big hug dear friend; May your dear Father rest in peace next to the Lord in the kingdom of heaven. “I’m so sorry brother- hugs for the whole family”. “Rest in peace, daddy. God give you the strength to get through this difficult time. I send you a big hug”. “We spiritually accompany you and your namesake family with all our hearts. ANDA prayer for the eternal rest of your Father! A big hug with much appreciation”were some of the comments.


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