Home Entertainment Eduardo Verástegui returns to the controversy, now for Maduro and Díaz-Canel

Eduardo Verástegui returns to the controversy, now for Maduro and Díaz-Canel

Fuera Maduro, fuera Díaz-Canel; no al comunismo: Verástegui

MEXICO.- Actor Eduardo Verástegui once more brought on controversy, however not as a result of he’s commenting on his place in opposition to abortion and its relationship with the current tremors, however due to his posts on Twitter in opposition to the presence of Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, and Miguel Díaz-Canel, President of Cuba, in our nation.

“No to communism in Mexico, no to communism in the world. Communism is death. Out with Maduro, out with Díaz-Canel and out of our country, all the communists who want to take over our Nation, we the Mexican people, never will. we are going to allow, “Eduardo wrote in his account.

Up to now the publication has greater than a thousand reactions, however not all in its favor, as there are those that remark:

“It is said by someone who does not even live in Mexico, who left his seat in the most luxurious plane in the (world), and who was an ally of the worst president in the democratic life of (United States). Very narcissistic and used to the good, difficult to someone believes you capable of being sane. ” “No to communism in Mexico” Maduro you aren’t welcome, “the actor later wrote.

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Though he completely rejected the participation of each leaders, Verástegui applauded different assists.

“We are the vast majority and we will let you know. Good for the courageous and consistent participation in Celac, of the Presidents of Paraguay and Uruguay Marito Abdo, Luis Lacalle. # Togethersomosmásfuertes Mexico is your home.”

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