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Eduardo Spain criticizes the AMLO government and earns rejection

  • Eduardo Spain surprises with video on social networks
  • The Mexican comedian, remembered for playing Germán Martínez in the series Neighbors, criticizes the AMLO government and earns rejection
  • “The opinion of a finished comedian had us with the earring”, some users tell him

“It had to be said and it was said.” Hours after the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, gave his Fourth Report, the Mexican comedian Eduardo España, remembered for playing the character of Germán Martínez in the series Vecinos, broadcast by Televisa, surprises with a video where he criticizes with everything to the AMLO government, but he wins the repudiation.

It was through his official account Twitter, where he has more than 350,000 followers, that the producer also did not hold anything back and did not hesitate to say that this was “one of the worst governments” that Mexico has had: “How sad that Mexico is a country with people so valuable and so many wonders! If I die, I wanted them…”, expressed Lalo.

Eduardo Spain launches harsh criticism of AMLO

Eduardo Spain launches harsh criticism of AMLO

After greeting his followers, Eduardo España said that, some time ago, he had uploaded a video criticizing the “so-called president”, referring to Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who “supposedly governs” Mexico, a country to which which he describes as “so magical, so wonderful, and so banged up.”

“Many people identified with me, they told me: ‘we are desperate, medicines for children with cancer, corruption’, yes, there have been many very bad six-year terms, but this one is worse than all, they told me. and there were also many people who attacked me, even communicators who said: ‘no, how is it possible, very bad, Lalo, the truth is that what you said and that is irresponsible,'” said the comedian, who is also remembered for his character in Margaret Francisca.

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