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Eduardo Ochoa, singer who would be with the artistic representative Jesús Sonqui at the time of being murdered, breaks the silence (VIDEO)

  • Information continues to come out about the murder of artistic representative Jesús Sonqui
  • The representative was apparently with two former students of the Academy 20 years
  • Eduardo Ochoa, singer and former student of the Azteca musical reality show, broke the silence about what happened

Three days after the murder of Jesús Sonqui, a Mexican artistic representative who managed the careers of Grupo Alta Gama and Panchito Arredondo, and apparently also accompanied Eduardo Ochoa and Andrés, former students of ‘La Academia 20 años’ hours before his tragic end in a meeting of fans in Ciudad Obregón, information about the event continues to come out.

The news of the killing of the manager, who was also linked to Rafael Amaya, Galilea Montijo and Natanael Cano, as well as Los Tucanes de Tijuana, with whom he published photographs, spread like wildfire and caused confusion in his relatives due to the violent way in which everything It happened early Monday morning while dining at a hot dog stand, apparently with former academics.

The last moments in the life of Jesus Sonqui

Jesus Sonqui last moments of life

Hours before allegedly being killed by an armed commando, Jesús Sonqui recorded stories on his Instagram account where it was evident that he was accompanied by former academics Eduardo Ochoa and Andrés, who would have a coexistence with fans in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, without imagining that It would be his last moments of life.

In the images The singer Eduardo Ochoa appears at the wheel of the truck, the co-driver Jesús Sonqui recording with his cell phone and behind two men, while they were going to see the fans … Once the murder of the artistic representative was known, it was unknown what would have happened with his companions and finally, one of the former members of the Academy broke the silence.

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