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Edith González’s widower, Lorenzo Lazo, confirms that he separated from his girlfriend

  • Edith González died in June 2019
  • Lorenzo Lazo, the widower of Edith González, said that he will not marry again.
  • She says that the relationship with her boyfriend came to an end

Lorenzo Lazo, the widower of Edith González, has said that he will not marry again. Although he apparently had a dream relationship with his girlfriend Lourdes Peláez, he has confirmed that it has come to an end. Three years after the death of his wife, he separates from his girlfriend.

Although he did not offer much more explanation, the 68-year-old economist made it clear that he was a single man again. Although some fans of the Mexican actress have doubted this. He still was criticized for maintaining a relationship with Lourdes being a widower and more than Edith,

The death of Edith González!

The death of Edith González!

It was on June 13, 2019 when ovarian cancer ended the life of Edith González, three years after her death it is her widower Lorenzo Lazo who spoke with a famous publication about how he has overcome the absence of his wife for nine years.

According to Lorenzo Lazo himself, these three years have been one of constant struggle where he has rebuilt himself speaking personally and has been filled with memories, he also thanks all those people who do not let die the memory of “the eternal adventurer ”. FILED FROM: Widower Edith González girlfriend

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