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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Edén Muñoz sends a ‘message’ to the widow of Chalino Sánchez

  • Edén Muñoz involved in a new controversy with Marisela Vallejos Félix
  • The former vocalist of Caliber 50 sends a ‘message’ to the widow of Chalino Sánchez
  • Everything arose as a result of the launch of the theme Chalino, which caused a scandal

Is the lawsuit still going on? It was in the first days of March that the singer Edén Muñoz, who was part of the group Caliber 50, caused a scandal with the launch of the song for Chalino Sánchez, to such an extent that the widow of El rey del corrido reacted and not of the better way, but now, it was Eden himself who sent a ‘message’ to Marisela Vallejos Félix.

through the channel of Youtube of the journalist Nelssie Carrillo you can see a talk that the man born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, had on September 25, 1990 under the name of Rodolfo Edén Muñoz Cantú, with several media outlets, with whom he spoke about different topics with the kindness and simplicity that characterize it.

What did Edén Muñoz say to the widow of Chalino Sánchez

What did Edén Muñoz say to the widow of Chalino Sánchez

In the first place, Edén Muñoz revealed that after his departure from Caliber 50, he experienced a difficult moment, but later things began to settle in his favor, mainly with the release of the song Chale, because more than locating him for being the former vocalist of this musical group, the public began to identify him by this musical theme.

“I’m happy, I’m happy, many opportunities are opening up, producing new artists, many people who are turning around and also trusting me and nothing, super blessed,” said the artist, who insisted on the idea that the theme Chale radically changed his life. There would be more to tell.

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