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Eddie Munson met his idols; Joseph Quinn performs ‘Master of Puppets’ with Metallica at Lollapalooza

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After the phenomenon that became the premiere of the second part of the fourth season of stranger things where Joseph Quinn won the hearts of all viewers by playing Eddie Munson, the actor was able to fulfill a dream.

Through the social networks of Netflix, a video was released in which Joseph Quinn gets to meet Metallica after that tribute in the final chapter where Eddie plays the super classic of the band like nobody else Master of Puppets.

Metallica releases video of ‘Master of Puppets’ after 36 years of its release thanks to ‘Stranger Things’

“This is for Eddie Joe Quinn met the heroes of Eddie Munson: Metallica” the Netflix account tweeted to give way to a video of more than two minutes where the actor is seen meeting his idols forever.

“Hello everyone. I’m backstage at Loolapalooza about to meet Metallica,” Joseph is seen saying, very excited.

Already seated, Joseph had a conversation with the members of Metallica where they confess that they are great fans of the series. They also thanked him for using it in the series and doing the theme justice.

“Are you a fan of the series? I’m a huge fan since season one. It’s been a bonding experience for me and my kids,” said James Hetfield, lead singer of the band.

But that was not all since the actor was able to fulfill one of his greatest dreams in life: to play Master of Puppets with them.

“Metallica is now a quintet, guys” released drummer Lars Ulrich

At the end of the video, Metallica gave him a guitar in a red color with black in which the four members signed their autograph and finished off with a “come anytime”, to which Joseph only replied surprised “Really?”

Metallica made its appearance on the stage of the important festival and when it was time to perform its 1986 hit, it projected on the mega screens the scene of Eddie Munson himself in Stranger Things.


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