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Ed Sheeran wins lawsuit for alleged plagiarism of Shape of You theme

After more than four years of legal battle, the London Justice determined that Ed Sheeran did not plagiarize By composing the famous song Shape of You in 2017, the song that holds the record for most listens on Spotify.

Ed Sheeran was sued by artist Sami Chokri and producer Ross O’Donoghue, who claimed he had copied the song’s chorus. oh whyA joint work released in 2015.

“Although there are some similarities between ‘Oh Why’ and ‘Oh I’, from the chorus of your sizeas well there are significant differencesAccording to newspapers in that country, Judge Antony Zakaroli delivered the verdict.

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For his part, Sheeran expressed himself via a video on his social network upon learning of the judicial decision: “It seems to me that complaints like these have become very common and a culture is being created by which the accusation is made With the view that reaching a settlement will be cheaper than a trial, even if there is no basis for the allegation.”

Ed Sheeran believes that a culture of plagiarism lawsuits is evolving.  afp photo

Ed Sheeran believes that a culture of plagiarism lawsuits is evolving. afp photo

During the process, which lasted three weeks, trial lawyer Andrew Sutcliffe alleged that the popular British musician “borrows ideas and puts them into his songs, sometimes he recognizes it, but other times he does not.” does.”

The lawyer’s argument is understood to have been based on other lawsuits that Ed Sheeran faced in 2016 for his subject. photography and in 2018 thinking too much, In the earlier cases, had to pay five million dollars and 35 per cent of the gross profit subject to its claimants; while the other is still open.

“I’ve always tried to be completely fair when crediting anyone who has contributed to any of my songs. I usually refer to other compositions like other authors. And if there is such a reference , so I always inform my team that they obtain the relevant assignment or license,” Sheeran responded to this attorney’s allegation.

English no royalties By your size Justice has determined the fate of the trial since 2019.

His Relationship With J Balvin

Ed Sheeran and Jay Balvin, photo from Balvin's Instagram

Ed Sheeran and Jay Balvin, photo from Balvin’s Instagram

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Ed Sheeran shared a post with Jay Balvin on his network. in studies, That picture was the prelude that the British musician chose to highlight two new songs and how they met before embarking on projects together.

Sheeran took advantage of the excitement How was the thrill of working with Balvin in the studio, “He wanted to take me into his world and I wanted to take him into my world. Learning Spanish for this was a real challenge and I really enjoyed doing it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and stay tuned for more to come.”

obey You Love forever, a preview of other Duet content, available through Thursday, March 24. apart from the songs The theme has its own clips for viewing on YouTube,

The interesting thing about the matter is the change of roles between the two. In one of the songs, Ed Sheeran sings in Spanish and Jay Balvin plays the guitar. On the other hand, it’s the other way around: Balvin sings in English and Sheeran plays the guitar. The final idea is to make an entire album at once.

Source: AFP


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