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Ed Sheeran presents his new video clip shot in Ukraine

Ed Sheeran presents his new video clip shot in Ukraine

Ed Sheeran introduces a new version of phase 2recorded theme with rapper lil baby, Video Clip, Filmed in Ukraine before the start of the war with Russia, it has already been viewed over 5.2 million times. in youtube.

The British pop star clarified that she made the music video in Kyiv days before Vladimir Putin’s government invaded the Ukrainian capital. and announced that An emergency committee for disaster will donate royalties from themes to DEC Which brings together many NGOs from the United Kingdom.

About three-and-a-half minutes long and directed by Henry Scholfield (he filmed several of Dua Lipa’s videos) the video begins with a black and white plaque where a message signed by Sheeran is read.

There he began by explaining that he had filmed the video in Kyiv before the “disastrous acts of violence began”. ,This was my first time visiting the country and I felt very welcome. During my time there, from the production team to everyone I came across on my days off,” he explains.

“Ukraine is a proud and resilient country, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to shoot my video there.”, said the 31-year-old Grammy-winning artist.

The message ends with an announcement of their cooperation. ,I support Ukraine and will donate my royalties Record the YouTube stream of the video to the DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee) Ukraine Humanitarian Campaign.”

phase 2A pop theme, with a hip hop passage, is the single that closes Sheeran’s latest album “=” (in English, it’s pronounced “equal”), released on October 29, 2021.

The song was already one of the most popular songs on that album. Therefore it is not surprising that the brand new characteristic of With Lil Baby continues to grow views on YouTube and streams on Spotify. It has now been added that the official video is shot in Kyiv and that the profits go to a humanitarian union.

Visionary Sheerana after trial

This comes after winning a more than four-year legal battle for alleged plagiarism earlier this month. your sizesheeran He assured that he now filmed all his recording sessions to avoid future lawsuits.

That same week, the singer gave her first interview, when a judge of the High Court in London ruled that her great success did not make use of any other song’s musical phrases.

Intimate pop, one of the keys to Sheeran’s success. And he’s feeling the “boy next door” Photo Reuters

“Now I just film everything, everything is recorded”Television in hand with the BBC, assured. “We’ve got complaints about the songs and we say, OK, here’s the footage and the look. You’ll see nothing,” he explained.

“Personally, I think the best feeling in the world is the excitement surrounding the very first thought of writing a great song,” he said. However, anticipating potential lawsuits “you find yourself in that moment, question yourself,” he said.

A judge in London ruled on Wednesday that Sheeran copied part of the melody of the song “Neither Intentionally nor Unintentionally”. oh whyWadi composed by Sami Chokri and Ross O’Donoghue, writing your size,

This Sheeran song of 2017 remains the most-played song on Spotify With over 3 billion views,


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