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Ed Sheeran and Ukrainian band Antitilla collaborate on a new version of “2Step” for Benefit

Ed Sheeran and Ukrainian band Antitilla collaborate on a new version of "2Step" for Benefit

Ed Sheeran and the Ukrainian band Antitilla, whose members are currently on the front lines for their country, have collaborated on a new version of the song. phase 2 British musician, whose proceeds will go to help the people of Ukraine.

The single, along with a video partially recorded during the war, was presented this Monday and It has already been viewed over a million times on YouTube,

Sheeran sings in English while Antyatila singer Taras Topolia contributes verses in Ukrainian. As he explained to British media, the lyrics are inspired by his own story and that of the many other families in which the men have stayed to fight for their country while their relatives emigrate.

Ed Sheeran.  Reuters Photo

Ed Sheeran. Reuters Photo

The idea for the collaboration came after organizers of a recent fundraising concert for Ukraine in England turned down Antitilla’s offer to participate via videoconferencing on the grounds that they were in the military and that it was a humanitarian event. The incident was

Sheeran’s gesture

Topolia told the BBC that Sheeran’s team then contacted the Ukrainian group and came up with an idea to do something together. And he said that he recorded his part when he was working as a medical assistant on the Borodyanka front near Kyiv.

“The video raises awareness of the situation in Ukraine and this process is ongoing,” the Ukrainian singer told the British public broadcaster. “I am very happy that a famous singer supports Ukrainians,” he said.

The singer said, “Ed Sheeran, his team and others understand that we need help and support to survive and win. And I am very grateful to him.”

Ed Sheeran in 2021.  ap photo

Ed Sheeran in 2021. ap photo

He was also optimistic about the conflict with Russia: “We hope that one day we will win, we will meet in a stadium in Ukraine and invite many people from all over the world to celebrate.”

Other phase 2Also in solidarity with Ukraine

It is worth noting that only about a week ago, Sheeran released his first reversal. phase 2 With rapper Lil Baby. The song also premiered in a video clip filmed in Ukraine, but before the war broke out.

The proceeds are also used to help Ukraine, more precisely the DEC, an emergency committee for disasters that brings together several NGOs in the United Kingdom.

About three-and-a-half minutes long and directed by Henry Scholfield (he filmed several of Dua Lipa’s videos) the video begins with a black and white plaque where a message signed by Sheeran is read.

The plaque reads, “This was my first time touring the country and I have been very welcoming to everyone from the production team to the holiday visitors during my time there.” The Grammy winner’s message read, “Ukraine is a proud and resilient country, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to shoot my video there.”

song phase 2 It first appeared on their latest album “=” (which translates to “equal”) from 2021. According to various media, Sheeran plans to make more versions of it. phase 2 Along with other artists from Finland, Italy, Sweden, Australia, France, Ireland and Brazil.


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