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Ebony K. Williams says her ‘Ronnie’ cast members refused to talk to her about continuation of the series

Ebony K.  Williams says her 'Ronnie' cast members refused to talk to her about continuation of the series

Ebony K. Williams spilling tea real housewives of new york city Between Andy Cohen’s announcement that the long-running series is being relaunched, and split into two series — one with legacy stars, and another to reflect a more diverse NYC. In a new interview with Carlos King on his podcast, reality with kingWilliams recently revealed the role of her former cast Rhony Shake.

“I felt like I was ready for the whole season and after we aired and after we wrapped up and decided not to reunite, I was always ready to have a conversation with my former classmates about an ensemble’s future. What can look like that includes all of us, always to the end,” Williams explained. “They were reluctant, just so I can tell you. They weren’t ready to come to the table and meet me halfway through that conversation.”

“And if you know anything about business, you know anything about the art of the deal, you can’t close that way,” she continued. “You can’t stop when the parties involved aren’t willing to give an inch. So, I think Carlos, really more reason than anything that we’re getting these two shows now.”

Rhony Last year season 13 ended abruptly, without the usual reunion to kick things off. But a new season would be in the works, Williams claims, if her fellow teammates were ready to come to the table and break out of the “New York world and bubble” she said they live in.

“If my same former classmates were willing to co-exist and enter into conversations of co-existing and shared space with additional women outside their particular New York world and bubble, you would have Season 14, which is what everyone anticipated. A proper amalgamation of old school, new school,” Williams told King.

According to Williams, the only cast she was involved in was willing to negotiate the future of the long-running series. Rhony OG Sonia Morgan.

“Which I’m telling you frankly, only Sonia Morgan was ready to come to the table and discuss the future, which will include me as part of this ensemble. Period dot. Period dot,” she claimed Did.

Williams isn’t the only ex Rhony Cast member who is commenting on the future of the show. Luann de Lesseps also throws his two cents into the ring.

In a recent interview with ET, de Lesseps denied rumors that he was not interested in returning. Rhony,

“It couldn’t be further from the truth,” she declared. “Listen, I like Ozzy. I love girls. So why wouldn’t I want to do the show?”

“and he is If He asked me back.”

Leah McSweeney also shared her thoughts on the show shake-up, telling ET, “I think it’s a great idea. I love it. I frankly don’t know if I’m being asked back. Me. Don’t know if I am going to do one show or the other. I have no idea and I am good with that too.”

“I mean, look, old crew, do I like to fight with Ramona sometimes? Yeah, but do I also feel like I know a lot of big a** chicks in New York who will probably be on the new? Yes,” he added. “So, I don’t know.”

Cohen shared that he was scraping Rhony and recreating the series during an interview with Diversity Last month. They also announced a spinoff of sorts, tentatively called Ronnie: Throwback, in which the stars of Rhony Universe.

“There are thousands of stories to tell here,” Cohen told the outlet. “It is the most multicultural, diverse, and energetic and exciting city in America: we are looking for a multicultural group of friends who truly best reflect the most exciting city in the country. We are looking for a group of women Looking for real friends who are of diverse backgrounds, races and religions.”

Adding, “I think it will be Rainbow that is New York City. That’s the goal.”

As far as the alumni show is concerned, it currently has no official title and official casting hasn’t started yet, but Cohen promised it will be filled with plenty of “fan-favourites.”

“Our loyal fans have spoken about what they want to see and what they don’t want to see – and we’ve taken all of that into consideration,” he added. “And it’s a series where you’re going to expect to see fan-favorites from the show’s great history.”

For now, fans can re-watch the last season real housewives of new york city On the peacock

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