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Dwayne Wade calls daughter Zaya ‘courageous’ at Time 100 gala, stands up against transgender hatred (EXCLUSIVE)

Dwyane Wade speaking out against transgender hatred. ET’s Lauren Zima talks to the former basketball star and proud father about standing up for his courageous daughter, Zaya Wade. Time 100 Gala in New York City on Wednesday night.

Wade shared, “That’s all we talk about it, just his guts. First, to have a conversation with his father, with his family, at the age of eight.” “I look at him, and I’m 40 and I don’t think I’m as adventurous as he is. I think we all want to get to the place where we’re living the life we’ve always dreamed of or We’re the people we’ve always wanted to be, and it’s no different than that.”

He continued, “Even though the conversation turns about his gender and his sexuality, it’s the same thing, we’re all striving to get to the same place. So, I’m lucky and blessed to be his father. I feel, and am grateful that I am the one who was put in her life to be her assistant, and I’m excited to see where she is headed.”

When asked how Zaya is celebrating Pride Month, Wade, who is a 15-year-old mother with his brother, Zaire, 20, son Xavier, 8, and daughter Kavia, 3, whom he shares with wife Gabrielle Union -The father said, “No plan, Zaya is not in celebrating pride. I think her biggest celebration was the fact that she has a supportive family and we are mom, dad, brother and we just want to be that Trying what we can be for him.”

Dwyane Wade
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He continued, “And she doesn’t want to make it a big deal. To her, ‘This is who I am, I don’t need to celebrate who I am’. But we support and we’re proud. Love from Month. It was the first time she went to Pride Month in Miami years ago, but we don’t really celebrate it with her.”

While it’s an exciting time for Zaya as she continues to live in her truth, Wade said it’s still a little scary as more states try to enact anti-trans laws. in conversation with CNNAt the TIME100 Summit Tuesday with Poppy Harlow, the NBA great said he gets “scared” whenever his daughter leaves the house.

Wade said in an interview on Tuesday, “We are losing our human side. And as sad as it is, I am blessed that my daughter has parents who can support her, I still feel scared every moment.” Is.” , “And not just because of gun violence, but because of the way people in this world see it.”

That being said, Wade noted on Wednesday that he and his family are not going to live in fear.

“Like I said yesterday, everything that’s happening in the world is scary too, no doubt, but we don’t stop doing stuff because of fear,” he said.

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