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Dwayne Johnson will not return to Fast and Furious, but he will make the Hobbs and Shaw saga

Dwayne Johnson will not return to Fast and Furious, but he will make the Hobbs and Shaw saga

Following the premiere of the ninth installment of Fast & Furious, Vin Diesel announced that the saga would end after two more films, the eleventh film being the last in which the whole family will be seen together. However, there will be a significant absence, as Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that he will not be reprising Hobbs in the two remaining films of the franchise.

The person in charge of confirming this information has been the producer Hiram Garcia, who has clarified that the sequel to his spin-off with Jason Statham does go ahead: “Right now we are trying to imagine what the sequel is going to bebut we have some pretty great ideas. “

During the interview with Collider, Garcia has pointed out that after filming the eighth film, La Roca “made the firm decision to end his time in Fast and furious for obvious reasons “, referring to the bad relationship between him and Vin Diesel That made filming a nightmare.

Vin Diesel And Dwayne Johnson Sparked Off In The Latest &Quot;Fast & Furious.&Quot;  Some Say They Came To Blows.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson sparked off in the latest “Fast & Furious.” Some say they came to blows.

What La Roca told Clarín

In fact, in conversation with Clarín, Dwayne Johnson was quite clear about his future in the saga, since there were rumors that in the filming of Fast and furious 5ntrol The Rock and Vin Diesel not only did they argue, but they came to blows. And Johnson tweeted “Some behave like strong men and true professionals, while others do not.”

So our question was:

-Are you going to return to the saga of “Fast and furious”?

– If I plan to return to “Fast and Furious”?


-No, I won’t. I made it clear a few weeks ago. I had some nice conversations with some people that I needed to have those conversations … So I know there won’t be Fast and furiousIt’s 10 or 11 or something beyond for me. But it was an incredible race. And if, we are done with Fast and furious


Hugged, Never Again.  Vin Diesel And Dwayne Johnson.

Hugged, never again. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson.

The game, according to the producer

“He wished everyone the best and made us focus on other narrative developments,” explained the producer before making it clear that “although he will not be in Fast and Furious 10 or 11That won’t interfere with our plans for Hobbs. “

Garcia has also pointed out that there is a very specific plan of what to do with Hobbs’ character and has been very confident that it will have the approval of the fans: “We are working to give something really unique and fresh and we know that the studio is looking forward to giving it to you as soon as possible “.

A long confrontation

During the filming of the eighth film of Fast and furious, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson had serious disagreements that motivated The Rock to abandon the saga and focus on its own spin-off, Hobbs and shaw. Although during the promotion of the film both actors publicly made peace, the truce did not last long.

In a recent interview, Diesel has pointed out that the conflict originated when he, as the producer of the saga, acted with a “heavy hand” during the filming of the eighth installment of the saga to bring out the best in Johnson.

The protagonist of Black adam has responded during the promotion of his latest film, Jungle Cruise, sarcastically stating that he has laughed a lot with the statements of his former co-star.

Source: Europa Press