Home Entertainment Dwayne Johnson gives a fan a $ 180,000 truck, we’ll tell you...

Dwayne Johnson gives a fan a $ 180,000 truck, we’ll tell you why

Dwayne Johnson gives a fan a $ 180,000 truck, we'll tell you why

Dwayne Johnson is a character in wrestling, cinema, and many communities for all his donations and the close contact with his fans, to whom he owes his popularity.

Dwayne Johnson gives a fan a $ 180,000 truck, we’ll tell you why

But now, Dwayne Johnson once again garnered the applause of millions of fans by having a unique detail with a man he decided give away his expensive truck worth around $ 180,000.

That’s the way it is, The former WWE wrestler decided to include this incredible detail when promoting his latest film, Red Notice. where he appears on the scene alongside Ryan Reynolds.

While attending a screening of his new film, Johnson reached out to a fan named ÓNarbe Rodríguez, a marine veteran and who told a great story a few days ago.

In accordance with Dwayne Johnson, Óscar Rodríguez is a man to follow. She looks after her adult mother, is a coach, church leader and supports women in situations of domestic violence.

Dwayne Johnson showed his admiration for ÓNarbe Rodríguez

if Dwayne Johnson He found out about all the activities of the former marine and looked for Oscar Rodríguez among the public and showed his admiration for this boy, which was applauded by the audience.

Before the ovations ÓNarbe Rodríguez rose from his seat to greet Dwayne Johnson and suddenly the actor invited him back to where the parking lot was and decided to give him his $ 180,000 truck.

In front of the disbelieving gaze of everyone it happened Dwayne Johnson presented him with the Ford F-150 Raptor, which he customized. a unique gift that instantly increases its value as it was in the possession of the former fighter.

“You do people a lot of good, brother. Here we go, ”Johnson said to this war veteran.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen you in this truck,” said Rodriguez, who was happy to receive the huge gift.

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