Home Entertainment Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt play Indiana Jones

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt play Indiana Jones

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt play Indiana Jones

they are together for the interview bugle, via Zoom. They haven’t given individual marks, and it shows them during the allotted 10 minutes bugle She dwayne johnson (49) and Emily Blunt (38) Get together in everyday life as Jungle Cruise, the action comedy that premieres in theaters Thursday 29th and Friday 30th on Disney+ (plus an additional cost).

The film adapts the popular attractions at Adventureland at the Disney theme parks. Inaugurated on July 17, 1955 (it has just been reorganized), it involves a ride in a small boat and lasts 8 minutes.

Well, the film is something else, the story is something else and it has other dimensions too.

Dwayne Johnson And Emily Blunt: He Guides Her With His Boat On The Amazon.  Disney Photo

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt: He guides her with his boat on the Amazon. Disney Photo

Blunt, born in London, seen in the devil Wears Pradahandjob The Return of Mary Poppins and currently A Place in Silence Part IIMILF had a girlfriend Michael Buble, today, the husband Luisana Lopilato, from 2005 to 2008. For Emily, Bubble Wrote the Hit everything. Well, imagine Jungle Cruise Emily is Doctor Lily Houghton, who travels with her brother to the Amazon at the beginning of the last century. You want to find a mythical tree with healing properties, which would indicate a breakthrough in healing.

Emily And The Rock Share Their Favorite Games At Disneyworld.  Disney Photo

Emily and The Rock share their favorite games at Disneyworld. Disney Photo

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, better known as The Rock, with a Canadian father and Kale, a Samoan mother, was an American football player and later specialized in wrestling. In 2001 he took a break to participate as the Scorpion King. mummy comes back, and has since received millions (US$20 million per.) Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, and for the first Jumanji) He is also the producer of Jungle Cruise, where he plays Frank, a tour guide on whose boat he will take Lily, where she will encounter supernatural forces.

The Amazon River Scenes Were Shot In Hawaii.  Disney Photo

The Amazon River scenes were shot in Hawaii. Disney Photo

Hello both, how are you? What do you know about Argentina?

Emily Blunt: -Do you know what I want to learn one day? Argentine Tango. I am looking forward to learn that dance. This is the sexiest dance ever. And if I learn, I’ll show you later. Now, if my life depended on it I wouldn’t know how to tango.

Dwayne Johnson: – I should have let you do that.

Dwayne Johnson With Catalan Director Jaime Colette-Serra (&Quot;The Orphan&Quot;).  Disney Photo

Dwayne Johnson with Catalan director Jaime Colette-Serra (“The Orphan”). Disney Photo

-What’s your favorite attraction at the Disney theme park?

Dwayne: “Here we go!” At Disney, yes yes…

Emily:tea cups.

Dwayne: -Yes, tea cups… I would say, well, it sounds like a lot, but it always was Jungle Cruise. and I love it space Mountain.

Action, Adventure, Comedy And Supernatural Come Together In The Film.  Disney Photo

Action, adventure, comedy and supernatural come together in the film. Disney Photo

Emily: -Yes I like them the Haunted Mansionhandjob Tower of TerrorPirates of the Caribbean.

Dwayne:Pirates of the Caribbean, was going to say this. It’s a great journey. It was always fun, you know, to see that last band of Pirates of the Caribbean, and when you look at the character of Johnny Depp, almost at the end…

Emily: -Yes Yes. It’s great.

The Doctor And His Brother (Jack Whitehall), Are On Their Way To Amazon.  Disney Photo

The Doctor and his brother (Jack Whitehall), are on their way to Amazon. Disney Photo

Dwayne: -It’s kind of an animated animatronic thing, but it’s pretty cool. They will, perhaps, have to add it to the jungle cruise one day. She.

Emily And Dwayne Are Already Planning Other Movies Together.  Disney Photo

Emily and Dwayne are already planning other movies together. Disney Photo

The film is not in the action/adventure genre at all and has a lot of twists and turns without getting spoiled. How is it different from the action genre in itself?

Emily: Well, I guess our goal was to bring the audience to this nostalgic, and exciting action adventure film. you know, in the spirit of Indiana Jones and in the spirit of after the lost page. But at the same time I think we want to bring you into the era we are in now. And so it gets contoured, it’s an adventure film, a lot of layered action. You want something light, you want humour, but you have to have something deeper, which has its roots in man. And yet, you want to know how to kidnap the audience and take them to some lucrative place. So we were very careful to deliver a story of love, and blood, and sweat and tears to make sure every layer was present. And then we took you through all this experience.

The Film Had To Postpone Its Premiere For A Year Due To Coronavirus.  Disney Photo

The film had to postpone its premiere for a year due to coronavirus. Disney Photo

Dwayne: Yes, we are also aware that we were making a film that was like a real adventure. In today’s cinema, and we both make entertainment films, what was really needed was a nostalgic adventure film that has the DNA of a Raiders of the Lost Ark. And as she was saying, after the lost page.

like indiana jones

&Quot;A Nostalgic Adventure Movie Was Needed,&Quot; Dwayne Told Clarins.  Disney Photo

“A nostalgic adventure movie was needed,” Dwayne told Clarins. Disney Photo

-And who of the two likes Indiana Jones more?

Emily: -what question.

Dwayne: -Emily.

Emily: -He drives the boat…

Dwayne: -Emily (laughs).

Emily: – That’s more Indiana Jones.

The Rock Charges Us$20 Million Per Film.  And On &Quot;Jungle Cruise&Quot; He Is Also A Producer.  Disney Photo

The Rock charges US$20 million per film. And on “Jungle Cruise” he is also a producer. Disney Photo

Dwayne: -But by the way, again, that’s the good part. One of the cool things about the elements of our film is that you take what is typical of films and you turn it, you spin it. And when you think, oh, it’s inspired by Indiana Jones, it probably means I’m an Indiana Jones character, when in fact she’s Indiana. Jones’ character in the film is seen through his eyes and meets my character, who has a unique skill set who knows the Amazon better than anyone who has been able to unlock these legends and the keys to these curses. can help them as we see them. So we both dare each other in this, as he said, roaring thrill.

Dwayne And Zoom Colette-Cerra Had Such A Good Rapport That They Had Already Shot &Quot;Black Adam&Quot; For Dc Comics.  Disney Photo

Dwayne and Zoom Colette-Cerra had such a good rapport that they had already shot “Black Adam” for DC Comics. Disney Photo

-Emily, at the time the movie is taking place, what’s the point of playing a brave and tough woman, so far ahead of her time?

Dwayne: -It’s a real vibe to him…

Emily: – (laughs) It was exciting, his character was great. He noticed this as he jumped from page to page while reading the script. She was funny and carefree and she had this bluntness, and a bluntness that was… (looks at Dwayne) Really? Are you preparing a joke for me?

Dwayne: -No, no, no… (laughs)

A Backstage Image Of The Film, The New Disney Blockbuster.  Disney Photo

A backstage image of the film, the new Disney blockbuster. Disney Photo

Emily: -Because I have to tell him… Okay. still live. But I love that it was ahead of its time. I think it is important for every girl to dream big. And so I want that character to be that girls can look up to, and think that sometimes it’s good to be a rebel.

-What was it like acting with possession of a jaguar on the go?

Dwayne: -It was fun. I think that’s one of the challenges of a film like this. I loved working with real Jaguars. He said the same thing to our director (Spanish Jaime Colette-Serra, Orphan And who is Dwayne filming with now? black adamspin-off of Shazam!)… Sorry, why are you two laughing so much?

He Had To Shoot Several Scenes With A Jaguar... Who Was Not On The Set.  Disney Photo

He had to shoot several scenes with a Jaguar… who was not on the set. Disney Photo

Emily: – Would you like to act with a real Jaguar?

Dwayne: -that’s how it is.

Emily: – You will not last … 10 seconds.

Guide, Doctor And His Gay Brother.  Disney Photo

Guide, Doctor and his gay brother. Disney Photo

Dwayne: -I loved it, and Emily wasn’t there, but we actually had a real jaguar on set. and you know …

Emily: -it is not true. We had a really nice guy named Ben, and he was wearing a suit to do the motion capture. And his eyes were beautiful. And it was so beautiful…

Is the sequel coming?

-Do you think “Jungle Cruise” could be a franchise? Have plans?

Emily: -A sequel? Yes, we really hope so. Talks are increasing, Disney has supported the film a lot. We will be happy It would be great for me all to see the next chapter.

Dwayne: Of course, it all depends on the audience, and the audience decides whether something becomes a franchise or if you’re lucky enough to get a sequel. but in this case Jungle CruiseThe good thing is that people have started watching the film, journalists like you and the audience in general, because we are testing the film across the world. And thankfully, everyone actually really liked the movie. They love the movie, they love the movie, they love me in the movie.

Emily: – I knew you were preparing something …

Also In The Cast Are Paul Giamatti, Jesse Plemons And Edgar Ramirez.  Disney Photo

Also in the cast are Paul Giamatti, Jesse Plemons and Edgar Ramirez. Disney Photo

-Will you work together again on “Ball and Chain”, based on the 2002 French film “Le Boulet”?

Emily: -We don’t know.

Dwayne:ball and chain. Possibly.

Emily :-Everything is a possibility.

Dwayne: -However, we have other things. We are also cooking other matters, including Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise: How to watch the movie online with subtitles or in Latin Spanish

Jungle Cruise, the new Disney film, titled, among others, a theme park based in Orlando, Florida, can be enjoyed at the best movie theaters, according to current protocols to prevent the spread of infection with the coronavirus. is customized. This Thursday, 29 July.

However, those adventure fans will also be able to watch online Jungle Cruise With subtitles on the Disney+ streaming platform or in Latin Spanish, with an additional cost (Premier Access) for customers from Friday 30.